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Pastel Easter Tablescape + My Formula For A Festive Table!

I am still learning how to set a pretty table, but I’ve found that it’s easiest to do so on holidays! I love setting a pretty table for Christmas, Thanksgiving and even the 4th of July – because it allows me to use colors and elements that I might not be able to use throughout the whole house.

This is certainly true of Easter – I enjoy pink, yellow and green pastels, but don’t want to cover my living room in those colors each Spring. I had so much fun putting together the table setting for this year’s Easter dinner!

I’ve never used this exact color combo but I love how it turned out! Of course I know Easter isn’t for a few weeks yet, but I wanted to share this with you in case you’re in need of some inspiration for your own Easter table. We enjoyed Sunday dinner with the table set this way over the weekend, and I’ll recreate the look for Easter Sunday!

The place cards are simply white card stock with some foam stickers! I think I prefer the whimsical look of the hand-written names over the printed version – what do you think?

There are a few rules I tend to follow when putting together a tablescape like this:

  1. Use what you have. In this instance, nothing on the table is new, and only a few elements are specific to Easter. My yellow tablecloth, turquoise chargers, white plates, goblets and the white cake stand have all served me for other holidays as well!
  2. Layer, layer, layer! I’ve learned that I love the look of several fabrics, colors and patterns…and chargers!
  3. Embrace imperfection. This one is hard for me, but I’m slowly getting there. 🙂 You’ll notice that one of my white plates is mismatched – that’s because I only have three of one pattern of the round plates. It’s not perfect, but it works!

Are you planning to host Easter dinner at your house? It’s one of my favorite days of the year!

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19 thoughts on “Pastel Easter Tablescape + My Formula For A Festive Table!

  1. I love it! Love the colors, the paper Easter grass and that your centerpiece has succulents in it. Your advise of layering is perfect and I love how you worked some pastel plaid into your tablescape. Great job.


  2. Spring colors are so refreshing after all of the reds of Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I’m with you on enjoying holiday tablescapes. It’s fun to see what can be mixed together, too! Not sure if we’re hosting Easter yet, but I’ll decorate regardless. I love bunnies and birdies in the spring! 🙂


  3. It looks beautiful, Whitney! So spring-like and pretty. I actually like the names on the place cards both ways. The printed ones look very nice. But the hand-written ones look pretty, too. (At my house they are usually hand-written, often by a grandchild.)

    I too have learned to embrace imperfection in setting even a holiday table. I am decades older than you, but we have very few dishes, glassware, etc. that are actually a matching set. So I mix and match and it always turns out looking very nice and festive.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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