Spring Inspiration Roundup

Happy Monday! Whether it’s 70 or 7 degrees where you live, I imagine you’ve been thinking a little about spring. When I was growing up in the Midwest I was always so jealous of Southerners who had beautiful flowers and warm temperatures in March while we were stuck with brown grass and bare trees until May! I try not to take the beauty of spring in South Carolina for granted, even if it comes with unpredictable weather and ALL the pollen.

Today I’m bringing you a post loaded with all the inspiration you need to get your home and your heart ready for spring! I’m sharing a few of my previous posts along with a few from my Mom – because she’s my favorite source of inspiration. I hope you enjoy!




How are you getting ready for spring? Have you added a few touches of spring decor? Are you preparing your heart for Easter? Leave a comment and tell me about it!


11 thoughts on “Spring Inspiration Roundup

  1. SO ready for spring! Thank you for sharing your early spring things, as we won’t have blooms for a while yet. I will be pulling out my spring stash soon. Bunnies are my absolute favorite! This Lent at church, we’ve been focusing on a different Capital Sin each week (pride, envy, anger, etc.) and discussing ways to combat them. It’s been very interesting, and our new pastor has a lot of meaningful insights. Definitely a Lent to remember!


      1. In the Catholic Church, Capital Sins are the really terrible ones. No sin is really “good,” but there are definitely ones that are worse than others. Here’s a link with details, if you’re interested. Some people also refer to them as the “Seven Deadly Sins.” Yes, we are SO fortunate that Jesus died for us! ๐Ÿ™‚ Lent is such a special time to reflect even deeper, and to anticipate the joy of Easter!


  2. Your Spring decor is so cheerful! I’ve got St Pats decorations up now, but will switch to Easter/Spring decor after the 17th. All the pretty pastels and cheerful colors make me smile ๐Ÿ™‚


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