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My Thanksgiving Table


I am in full Thanksgiving mode! As I mentioned in my Thanksgiving planning posts, I always give my table settings a practice run before a big party or holiday. I’m not naturally creative, but I enjoy gathering inspiration and trying to make my tables look beautiful! This year I wanted to use a new set of blue and white dishes my mom gave me. I combined that with an instagram picture I saw during Canadian Thanksgiving and arrived at what I think is an elegant twist on a traditional Thanksgiving table!




You can’t go wrong when you have a kitchen full of basic things like:

  • Gold Chargers
  • White Dinner & Salad Plates
  • Glass Goblets
  • White Linens

They create a beautiful canvas for your accent pieces!


If you don’t have blue and white dinner plates, white ones will work as well. I only have four place settings of the blue and white, so I’ll be mixing my white dinner plates for my actual Thanksgiving Day table. Here are two options for place settings with white dinner plates:



I love how my Mom sets up her kitchen counter for the holiday meals (check out her gorgeous buffet from a few years ago here). I tried to embellish my bar counter so that it’s not just a long line of bowls and platters. Here’s what I’m planning to set up on Thanksgiving Day – I’ll have everyone fill their plates at this counter and then set up a drink station by the fridge.



I wish I could leave that banner up all month, but we do sit at the counter every day. 🙂 If you’d like to see another look at my Thanksgiving table, watch the video below!

Happy Thanksgiving planning, everyone! 



21 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Table

  1. I love how blue goes with about anything, so it’s always on point. Great job tying everything together from the table to the counter! And good tip to mix the white dishes with the rest. I have a few place settings of one winter design and a few of another, and they get mixed for larger gatherings. Holidays can be tricky, but I figure it’s all good in the end as long as everyone has a plate. 🙂


  2. Beautiful!! I think I like mixing and matching dishes better than just using one complete set. The variety makes the table interesting and beautiful. I’m LOVING your polka-dot candles – where did you find them? I rarely burn candles, but I love to decorate with them. I misplaced some of my candles in the move so I’m on the hunt for a few new ones for my Thanksgiving table.


  3. This is so pretty Whitney. I have always wanted to set a fancy table. I need to work on acquiring a few more things like real napkins and such.


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