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Colorful Thanksgiving Tablescape {2018}

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Every other year I host Thanksgiving at my house, and I eagerly anticipate every step of the process! I was really excited to put this tablescape together, and today I’ll take you through my process.

I saved pins and Instagram pictures that caught my attention, then decided what elements of those tablescapes drew me to them. This year I found myself drawn to tables with exposed wood surfaces, rattan chargers and multi-colored centerpieces with natural elements.

Since I decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, I decided that I could easily pile lots of my fall decor onto my Thanksgiving table and then put it back in the decor bins right from there! Easy peasy!

This tablescape came together by shopping my house – I didn’t purchase one new thing for the table. I did just a little bit of rearranging in the living room to fill the holes in my decor.

Here’s what I used:

  • Rattan Chargers (from Dollar General)
  • Everyday white plates (I used these exact plates, but you can also find them marked down at TJ Maxx!)
  • Clear iced tea glasses (currently on major sale!)
  • Basic white cloth napkins
  • Leaf napkin rings (from Target dollar spot, 2016?)
  • Runner – layered a white runner over two burlap placemats (both from Target)
  • Centerpiece: lots of my pumpkins, blue and white Goodwill finds, an old berry wreath, pine cones and burlap leaves from last year’s 90% Hobby Lobby clearance

I put one of the two leaves in my table to make it an oval shape. This gave everyone plenty of room at each seat without the centerpiece falling into their plate. 🙂

I didn’t spend tons of time placing the pumpkins and pine cones, but I did step back a few times to make sure it was balanced. The bright orange pumpkins really made a difference – I love that pop of color – so I made sure they were evenly distributed.

I try not to ever set a table like this just for a blog post – we really do eat at pretty tables like these! I set this up last Saturday morning, covered it with a tablecloth to keep everything clean and shared a festive Thanksgiving-style meal with some sweet friends the next day!

To be honest, my centerpiece is still set up just like this. I loved it so much that we’re just going to enjoy it until I put everything away for Christmas!


Thanksgiving Table 2016

Thanksgiving Table 2014





23 thoughts on “Colorful Thanksgiving Tablescape {2018}

  1. I think this may be my favorite Thanksgiving table you’ve ever done! I just love the colors, the textures, the variety and how everything just comes together perfectly. No doubt it took you lots of mixing and matching to get everything right, but it comes off as effortless 🙂


  2. Love the tablescape! I agree that the pop of orange takes things up a notch. Keeping my pumpkins out for as long as possible, too! 🙂


  3. I like that you used what you had on hand and that you took inspiration from Pinterest and IG but still made it your own. I get so tickled sometimes when I scroll through IG and can’t tell one person’s table from another. After a while they all start to look the same and lose their individuality. 😊


  4. So lovely, Whitney! This fall I’ve been inspired by the shades of blue and pops of orange as well! 💙🍂.

    Your tablescape looks so lovingly made. Your guests will be so blessed! 🥧☕.


  5. Beautiful table! Do you serve the meal buffet style so there are no dishes on the table? How does that work? I mix between prayer and serving/eating hot food and getting everyone to the line and the shuffle of who goes first! And we don’t have a large family!


    1. Yes, I served it buffet style even though there were just four of us. I cover the dishes after everyone gets their first plate, and then offer seconds by passing the dishes around the table as needed.


  6. So pretty!! And I have now become addicted to adding small strands of battery powered lights to my vignettes. It really makes me so happy to see the glow of the lights. And I buy my batteries at Dollar Tree and they seem to last a long time. So win win!


  7. I don’t blame you for keeping it on the table… enjoy it all you can during this season of Thanksgiving. It’s beautiful! Your picture is making me consider adding a little bit of blue to my table this year.


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