Fall Outdoor Decor – Simple Touches

I really wish I was the essential Southern woman who loved working in the yard, planting flowers and caring for a garden. In the words of Ouiser from Steel Magnolias, Southern women are “supposed to wear funny looking hats and ugly clothes and grow vegetables in the dirt.”

With all due respect to Ouiser and Southern women everywhere, I’m just not a fan! I have plenty to keep me busy inside my house, and it’s usually hot and muggy outside…so I prefer to spend my homemaking energy inside the house. 

I do try to keep the outside of my house fairly seasonally appropriate, so here’s a look at my simple outdoor decor for this fall. With pumpkins for $2.50 and mums for $4 at Aldi, I spent under $10 putting it all together! Since taking these pictures my mum has doubled in size with all the blooms. I really love the burgundy color against our house!

The FALL sign was a fun Pinterest project that my mom, sister and I did together. Here’s the full tutorial over on my Mom’s blog.

I love the Instagram pictures of people who load their porches with ALL the pumpkins, but honestly I don’t want my UPS guy tripping over them while he’s delivering my packages! 🙂

Where do you stand on outdoor fall decor? Do you keep it simple or are you a true Southern woman? I respect both parties! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Fall Outdoor Decor – Simple Touches

  1. I am an older version of you! I live in Virginia and I love having all four seasons….
    but I HATE the humidity and the heat. I am a Fall kinda’ girl. I live in a small rancher, just my husband and I. I use a Fall wreath and Fall flag. If I get ambitious, I will put a pumpkin and large yellow mum on my front stoop. It is simple but tasteful (in my opinion 😃) and easy to put up and easy to take down. But it tells everyone that I am not a Fall grinch! You are my favorite Blogger and You Tube celebrity! Love to you from a VA Southern Lady (just a little further North of you) to a beautiful SC Southern Lady!


  2. I like to get outside as much as I can in the summer. Living in the Pacific Northwest we don’t have the humidity like you do in the South so working outdoors is more pleasant. I am so happy you showed the front of your beautiful little house. I love, love, love brick homes. They are always so clean looking and easy to maintain. TFS


  3. I don’t care so much about flowers, but I loved having a vegetable garden this summer! I made several pints of bread and butter pickles and lots of zucchini bread from our harvest. You’re right about the humidity though; it’s the worst! During the summer, I go out in the early morning and water and then try not to step outside again! Ha!


    1. Way to go! I love home canned pickles. My dad helped me plant tomatoes several years ago, and they were so delicious! It’s just not worth risking the sweat, fire ants and snakes that come with the back yard. Ha!


  4. Looks great! We have an assortment of pumpkins and fall planters on our front porch/back deck. I have a mess of pumpkins & pumpkin seeds all over my porch right now bc the squirrels have been snacking on my pumpkins. I’ve learned to love gardening over the years and enjoy working in my yard. I always swap out my wreath each month. I’m hoping to put out some Christmas lights this year.


  5. WE are kindred spirits. I told someone I would concrete my flower beds if I could.lol We have our yard mowed and blowed by the HOA but flower beds are the responsibility of the individual home owners. I need to get out there and do some weeding and put the garden to bed but I keep putting it off. Your yard looks great and your front porch is very welcoming.


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