15 Of The Best Thanksgiving Ideas, Tips and Recipes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! There’s so much to love about Thanksgiving – cooking, eating, family time, being grateful – and PIE! 🙂 Whether you’re hosting dinner or going to someone else’s home for the meal, there are so many things you can do to make this day extra special for the people you love. I rounded up 15 of the best Thanksgiving ideas, tips and recipes from my blog (and a few others) and have them right here for you today!

  1. Menu Plan #1: Ham and the Fixings
  2. Menu Plan #2: Turkey and the Fixings
  3. Thanksgiving Day Schedule (how to manage cooking lots of things in one oven and still have it all ready at the same time!)
  4. Tips For Making The Perfect Holiday Pies from Polka-Dotty Place
  5. Blue and White Thanksgiving Table Setting 
  6. Warm and Cozy Thanksgiving Table Setting
  7. How To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table from Foxy’s Domestic Side 
  8. Hosting a Kid-Friendly Holiday Meal from Little Dove Blog
  9. Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids from Polka-Dotty Place
  10. How To Be The Best Guest Or The Best Hostess from RefreshHer
  11. DIY Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props from By BMG
  12. Thanksgiving Breakfast Tradition from RefreshHer
  13. Hosting A Stress-Free Thanksgiving: Part One & Part Two
  14. Tips For A Successful Dinner or Holiday Party
  15. How To Enjoy The Holidays Without Ditching Your Diet

Leave me a comment and tell me:

  1. Your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving Day
  2. What you’re doing for Thanksgiving – hosting, traveling, shopping – I want to know!

My favorite part of the meal is definitely Derby Pie. We are traveling to East Tennessee to be with my side of the family (which ensures there will be Derby Pie!).


10 thoughts on “15 Of The Best Thanksgiving Ideas, Tips and Recipes

  1. I’ll be hosting this year. There will only be seven of us, but it’s a lively bunch. My favorite Thanksgiving foods are stuffing with wild rice and sausage, and pumpkin eggnog pie – both are my dad’s recipes.


  2. Your table settings are so lovely! 🙂 My favorite foods are stuffing, our family recipe cranberry fluff salad and the pumpkin pie. It’s a tie, as they are all so yummy! We probably are going to my cousin’s for Turkey Day this year. He bought a house, and it’s going to be a housewarming sort of holiday. Hopefully, we can fit everyone in!


  3. My favorites would have to be the mashed potatoes and pie! Your Derby pie recipe looks delicious, I just might have to add that to the festivities this year! I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving as I have every year since I was in my early 20s! I have it down to a science now so I enjoy it so much more than I did back then!


  4. Thank you for including my posts in your round up! I’m really excited for the pie, mashed potatoes, rolls and delicious pumpkin things this month. I’m not hosting Thanksgiving, but I’ll probably volunteer to bring the pies. I usually stick with pecan and pumpkin, but I found a pumpkin chocolate chip pie that looked delicious. I guess I’ll see if I’m feeling adventurous when it comes time to bake.


    1. Thank you so much for your videos and blogs they are giving me some great ideas. I love the way you mixed and matched the plates for the table and your cooking schedule! I feel less stressed already!


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