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Preparing For Thanksgiving – My Menu {2014}

Preparing For Thanksgiving Come Home For Comfort

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year – and my menu is set! The first thing you’ll notice is that we’re having ham instead of turkey. {gasp} We aren’t huge fans of turkey, but my hubby LOVES ham. I figure it’s more important to fix what we like instead of making everyone eat something just because it’s tradition! I’m also keeping things really simple – a meat, two veggies, potatoes and rolls.

The Meal:


  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Derby Pie (possibly my favorite dessert ever)


  • Sweet Tea – my MIL is bringing
  • Coffee and hot tea with dessert

Snacks for before the meal:

  • Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Guacamole
  • Cheese and Crackers

  What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?

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10 thoughts on “Preparing For Thanksgiving – My Menu {2014}

  1. Sounds delicious!! I make turkey in the crockpot for my family once a year. I usually put together a Thanksgiving meal after the official holiday since we typically travel. My favorite part of the meal are the sides and PIES! I love pecan pie (Derby is a close second) and the rolls, sweet potatoes and stuffing. Yummmmm!!


  2. We live in North Florida and every Thanksgiving (unless it’s raining) we set up tables with white tablecloths outside under a pavillion. My sister gathers flowers from the yard like blue sky flowers and pink camellias and adds baskets, seashells, etc.,…every year she does an impromptu table setting in about twenty minutes while I’m finishing up the last minute kitchen details. Our families sit down and eat together and linger at the table for an hour, talking, laughing and telling stories. I am thankful for family and the beauty the Lord surrounds us with.


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