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High Five For Friday {and chicken soup}!

This wasn’t the most glamorous week ever. I finally came down with the crud that seems to have afflicted half of you in blogland and spent the week with several boxes of kleenex. Thus, my high fives are even a little more on the comfort level!

1. I was majorly craving the comfort of homemade chicken soup this week. One night I made a pot of this Simply Delicious Chicken Soup (using egg noodles instead of rice). It hit the spot for both of us…there were no leftovers.


2. Tea is always a comfort when I’m under the weather. I really enjoyed this mild mint green tea during the week. This box came from Big Lots – a great place to find flavored coffee and tea!

organic green tea with mint

3. Kitties always seem to know when you’re not feeling well…and mine never pass up the chance to snooze on a big pile of quilts! Peggy hung out with me and offered her comfort. 🙂

the adorable pegs

4. Thank goodness for Netflix. If you have to be sick, you might as well binge-watch Call The Midwife. At least then you can’t tell whether you’re blowing your nose from sickness or sobbing. That show just makes me cry every time!


5. The week wasn’t all kleenexes and chicken soup. Tuesday was the day that, five years ago, I ran into an old friend (and a secret crush of mine) at a basketball game. He ran over, gave me a hug and seemed really glad to see me again. Two months later, he asked me out for coffee…and the rest is history. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend! 

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8 thoughts on “High Five For Friday {and chicken soup}!

  1. Hope you are on the mend Whitney. I love Call the Midwife as well. Isn’t Jenny just the nurse you would want to care for you? What a cute way that you met up with your husband. I always enjoy hearing how couples meet! ( Maybe a future post with more details???) 🙂


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