Organize With Me: Kitchen Junk Drawer

High-traffic areas seem to be a challenge to keep free of clutter. For me, it’s easy to take something that I don’t want to put “away” and shove it into my kitchen junk drawer. Business cards, straws, pieces of paper, extra pens and all the random things that you acquire when doing a home repair project – screws, instruction books, you name it – everything gets shoved into that drawer. The other day I noticed my husband had a hard time getting the drawer to close because it was too full. Oops. That weekend I put “reorganization junk drawer” on my to-do list!

I set this system up several years ago and it still worked pretty well. I just had to remove the extra stuff that didn’t belong there and rearrange a few things. Watch the video below to see the scary before – and the satisfying after – of my kitchen junk drawer!

Do you have a scary drawer that needs to be reorganized? 


4 thoughts on “Organize With Me: Kitchen Junk Drawer

  1. I have a catch-all drawer in one of my bedroom dressers. It’s a mismatch of things that don’t have a home elsewhere. I sometimes relocate a few items, but they really don’t have a place. It’s a constant work in progress. I do have mini bins/containers in the drawer, so it’s not a complete mess.


  2. Those containers are SO pretty. I am all about putting things in things. It makes it so much easier. And I totally need you to come organize my junk drawer. It is out of control!!!!


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