Organize With Me: Kitchen Junk Drawer

High-traffic areas seem to be a challenge to keep free of clutter. For me, it's easy to take something that I don't want to put "away" and shove it into my kitchen junk drawer. Business cards, straws, pieces of paper, extra pens and all the random things that you acquire when doing a home repair… Continue reading Organize With Me: Kitchen Junk Drawer


My Organized Home {New Video Series!}

I firmly believe that organization always requires maintenance. No organization system works perfectly forever, but with a little attention and upkeep, it can make a tremendous difference in how well your home functions. Today I'm launching a new series on my YouTube channel called My Organized Home. I'll take you through the organization systems all… Continue reading My Organized Home {New Video Series!}


Organizing The Junk Drawer

The junk drawer is always a work in progress. I firmly believe that any organization project requires maintenance, and that's definitely the case with the junk drawer. Last week my Timehop app reminded me that it had been a year since I'd organized that space. Well, I actually didn't need Timehop to remind me...every time… Continue reading Organizing The Junk Drawer