Organizing The Junk Drawer

The junk drawer is always a work in progress. I firmly believe that any organization project requires maintenance, and that’s definitely the case with the junk drawer. Last week my Timehop app reminded me that it had been a year since I’d organized that space. Well, I actually didn’t need Timehop to remind me…every time I opened the drawer I was keenly aware of the disaster zone in there!

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I applied the Four Basic Principles of Organization, starting with the first step – get rid of clutter. I had a “before” picture of my drawer, but I inadvertently deleted it. Sorry! Here’s my pile of things that didn’t belong in the drawer. I had another large pile that ended up in the trash. And yes, I was watching Christy Jordan’s latest YouTube video while I worked. ๐Ÿ™‚

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The next few pictures show my progress with steps 2 and 3: give everything a place and leave room to grow.ย It’s a little challenging to give everything a place in the catchall drawer, but I did my best. I’m in love with those clear divided boxes holding my office supplies – they came from the dollar bins at Target! All the bins you see in these pictures came from Target or the Dollar Tree. I use a little sticky tack on the bottom of the bins to keep them in place when the drawer opens and closes.

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I use this silverware organizer to store the mismatched silverware and plastic cutlery we take in our lunch boxes. I don’t want it mixed up with the every day silverware, so this drawer is perfect for it.

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Ta-da! All that’s left is step 4 – maintain the organization system. Now I’ll plan to take a few minutes as needed to straighten the drawerย – because we all know things arenโ€™t always put away in the correct place. Periodically I’ll evaluate the organization systemย to see if it still meets myย needs, and make changes if it doesnโ€™t. No system works perfectly forever. But for now, it’s a beautiful sight!

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20 thoughts on “Organizing The Junk Drawer

  1. I need to do this! I’m chalking this house’s organization up as a loss and starting new with the new house next week.haha Which will probably be a disaster for the next 3 months.


  2. I love that – “leave room to grow” idea for organized spaces. It won’t last if there’s not room to put it away. Good tip! I also have to make sure that my organizers are simple and straight forward otherwise my systems don’t hold up for long. PS I am slightly envious of the size of your junk drawer. Mine is housed in the tiniest drawer in my kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I heard a professional organizer speak at a conference a couple years ago, and the “leave room to grow” principle really stuck with me. It makes a huge difference in how long the space stays organized! You know, when I was editing these pictures, I realized how huge that drawer is! I have tried to work it into the kitchen utensil storage system, but it’s on the end of the kitchen and is too hard to get to while I’m cooking. So yeah- the biggest drawer in the kitchen has my junk! Go figure. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Great hint to use tackies on the bottom of the bins. My junk drawer could use a make over. I have seen lots of those clear bins and had been thinking of purchasing some for better organization.


  4. I just did my junk drawer a couple of weeks ago. Love the idea of sticky tack on the bottom of the containers. I’ll be using that!


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