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Is it just me, or do you have to work hard to keep your conversations with your spouse fresh and new? It is so easy to slip into the usual events of the day and not go any farther than that.

“How was your day?”
“Good, yours?”

The more likely conversation in our house ends up with me telling some animated story about a ridiculous experience I had while driving in this wild city. Really romantic and inspiring, right?

A great way to breathe life into your conversation is to ask questions. Here are a few questions that we enjoyed discussing recently (the list was inspired by this post – I picked the applicable ones). I’m always surprised to learn something new about Paul – and he about me. I actually learned something about my husband from one of these questions that will make a huge, positive difference in our relationship!

Here are the top five questions from that list:

  1. What is on your bucket list?
  2. What songs are you listening to right now? Why?
  3. What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Was it worth it?
  4. What are you afraid of?
  5. What is the thing that annoys you the most?

It’s also fun to have your spouse guess your answers to these questions.

A few other questions that will bring you closer to your spouse:

  1. What passage/topic are you studying in your devotions?
  2. What is God teaching you through that study?
  3. What did God say to you during this Sunday’s message? (This is a great one for the whole family!)
  4. How can I pray for you?

A word of caution – if your husband isn’t quick to open up about what he thinks and feels, don’t be mad if he doesn’t respond to questions the way you want him to respond. He might give one word answers – that answer might be “nothing!” Be quiet and wait – you might be surprised with what you learn.

Here’s to lively conversations!

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7 thoughts on “Asking Questions

  1. I really want to work on this with us. We talk and we do have conversations, but I think talking about your spiritual life is so important. We definitely don’t do it enough. It’s a good reminder!


  2. Sweet!!! Sometimes on road trips I’ll bring a list of questions to talk about. They are silly and funny and keep the conversation going. We also play “Would you rather?” and give the other person two impossible situations and ask which they’d rather do/be in or have happen to them. It’s a game that always makes us laugh 🙂 I think my hubby and I could benefit from adding a few of these questions into our date night routine. Thanks for sharing.


  3. We have been married for 38 years and we still find plenty to talk about. We both enjoy reading, we like to go to plays and watch movies etc. But I think it is ok to be quiet together as well. A companionable quiet is comforting. Just being in the same room together, reading etc is a blessing. My husband likes to quote Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion. He said when you have been married a long time you have had all the discussions and now everything is just a footnote!lol


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