My Favorite Winter Staples



This season I’ve found myself gravitating towards a few specific items in my closet. For winter I really love pieces that are neutral, easy to layer, and simplistic. A couple of those pieces are my tan long-sleeved tee from Target and my favorite brown boots that I picked up from Plato’s Closet a couple years ago.

For this outfit I started with the basics of my long-sleeved tee, jeans, and boots and then added a blazer, scarf (another closet fav), and yellow hat for warmth and color.

Jeans/Ralph Lauren
Boots/ Plato’s Closet

Along with my tee and boots, a few other of my winter staples are my chambray shirt, an off-white sweater, and plaid scarf.

What are your winter staples?

Alli Sig



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Winter Staples

  1. Oh Alli, my closet is filled with so much black you would think I was a witch!lol…But now that I have white hair, I wear a lot of black. I always punch up the color with a tank, necklace or scarf.


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