Weekend Meal Prep {Menu Monday}

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Being organized has a lot to do with planning ahead. Not only do I plan my meals ahead of time, I like to do as much of the actual meal prep on the weekends as I can. Sometimes that means baking muffins or dessert, and sometimes that means actually assembling part or all of the entrees on the menu.

Saturday evening I was able to accomplish quite a bit of meal prep, and I thought I’d share that with you today. You might not have time to work ahead on the weekend like I did, but this concept can be applied anytime you’re in the kitchen. Just think about the things you’re using and how those ingredients can work into another meal!

Weekend Meal Prep via

 What I Did:

  • (Thawed a package of 6 chicken thighs during the afternoon)
  • Used half the package to prep and cook Delmonico Chicken for that night’s supper
  • While that meal cooked, I used the other half of the thighs and prepped Creamy Ranch Chicken. This will cook in the crock pot during church for Sunday’s dinner.
  • (Earlier in the week I roasted a few chicken breasts for Chicken and Dumplings.) Used left over roasted chicken and half of a can of cream of chicken soup left over from the Ranch Chicken to prepare King Ranch Chicken Casserole. This will hang out in the fridge until I bake it for supper one night early in the week.
  • Saved the left over half can of diced tomatoes (pureed in the food processor) from the chicken casserole to use in Sloppy Joes later next week. I would have completely cooked the sloppy joes, but the browned turkey I plan to use hadn’t been defrosted. Oh well. 🙂

What I Accomplished:

I hope that will help some of you – hopefully it wasn’t too confusing! 🙂 Don’t forget to enter my Mom’s giveaway!

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Meal Prep {Menu Monday}

  1. Prepping meals on Saturday is such a great idea! I am going to look at my menu plan and see what I can prep early in the week too. The king ranch chicken has been on my list of recipes to try. It looks good!


  2. I have never thought about doing this before, but I can see that it would make week night dinners so much easier. I’m going to have to think about all the things I could chop or prepare ahead of time to streamline the dinner making progress. Heading over to visit your Mom’s new site 🙂


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