Month In Review – February

February In Review

February always seems like such a short month! It’s not really that much shorter than January, but for some reason it just seems to fly by! I did a few style challenges, enjoyed the snow, celebrated Valentines Day with my man and as per usual – took lots of pictures of the cats.

Often I feel like I’m just making it through each day: morning chores, spend the day at work, make supper, evening chores, prepare for the next day and finally sink into bed. Looking back over my Instagram feed helps me remember the good things from the week or month that has passed. If Instagram isn’t your thing, I encourage you to make a point to mark those sweet moments for the times when you feel like you’re just going through the motions. God has given us all things richly to enjoy!

Insta February Review

Here are the most popular posts from February:

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What did you enjoy during February?

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2 thoughts on “Month In Review – February

  1. Love those outfits and love that snow! My family in Indiana woke up to more snow today and we woke up to more rain – haha. I loved your table setting inspiration and all the wedding tips in February.


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