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Don’t Take Away My Joy!

 Don't let your situation - whatever it is - take away the joy you find in doing what God has called you to do! Via ComeHomeForComfort.com

“I believe this job is an answer to my prayer. God has given me the opportunity to work here, and I will not allow their actions to steal my joy!”

Last week I heard those words from a friend who experienced some pretty ugly treatment from her boss. She could have easily quit – no one would blame her for walking away. Instead, she saw God at work in her situation. My friend chose to believe that the power inside of her (the Holy Spirit) was greater than the ugliness of her boss’s actions.

This impacted me in a huge way! It shed light on a situation in my own life where I needed encouragement to look at what God was doing instead of at my circumstances.

I was also reminded how powerful our words can be! My friend had no idea that I needed to hear those words – she was just sharing what God was doing in her own life. It challenged me to be more open about the things God is teaching me because I never know if the person I’m talking to might be going through the same struggle. God used my friend – and I want God to use me!

Don’t let a mean boss take away the joy you find in doing your job well.

Don’t let your toddler’s refusal to potty train take away the joy you find in being a mom.

Don’t let your husband’s piles of clutter take away the joy you find in sharing life with him.

Don’t let the never-ending cycle of housework take away the joy you find in creating a home for your family.

Don’t let your situation – whatever it is – take away the joy you find in doing what God has called you to do!

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Take Away My Joy!

  1. I needed to read this today! Yesterday was a joy-stealing day for me. I was having such a wonderful, productive day, until a little toddler sucked it from me. I’ve been trying to remember to breathe and pray in moments where I feel the joy getting sucked out…. and it’s been helping! If nothing else, stopping me from blowing up. My emotions are so easily swayed by the emotions and moods of people around me!


  2. Amen! We just talked about this very same thing in my Bible study last week – every job is important, God sees what you are doing and there is value in the every day routines. Every role is important to God and our job is to point others to Christ. Great reminder to start off my day 🙂


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