My Favorite Sunday Dinners {Menu Monday}

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I love Sunday dinner. There’s just something special about this meal. Maybe it’s because I grew up eating home cooked Sunday dinners (meat, potatoes or rice, at least one vegetable, fruit salad, bread and dessert) on my mom’s china with pretty linens. We all helped get the meal on the table, and then sat down to discuss the events of the morning at church while enjoying every bite.

Now that I live with my husband, Sunday dinners are a little different – but still special. While I’m fixing the meal, we discuss the songs we enjoyed singing in worship or something that stood out from the Pastor’s message. Sometimes we sit at the kitchen table with my good dishes and pretty linens, other times we take our plates to the couch and watch basketball or Nascar while we eat.

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No matter where we sit for the meal, it’s still important to me to take a little extra time and effort in preparing this meal each week. Here are a few of my favorite Sunday menus!

What is your favorite Sunday meal?

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Sunday Dinners {Menu Monday}

  1. I have a great taco filling recipe that cooks in the crock pot while we are at church. Then, when we are ready to eat, we all get to pick our favorite toppings to suit our own taste. Easy and delicious!
    Also, I remember how lovely meal time was in your family’s home. Your mom always set a pretty table, and your family was always great about sparking good conversation. I think it’s wonderful you are carrying on the tradition!


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