Organize With Me: Kitchen Junk Drawer

High-traffic areas seem to be a challenge to keep free of clutter. For me, it's easy to take something that I don't want to put "away" and shove it into my kitchen junk drawer. Business cards, straws, pieces of paper, extra pens and all the random things that you acquire when doing a home repair… Continue reading Organize With Me: Kitchen Junk Drawer


My Organized Home {New Video Series!}

I firmly believe that organization always requires maintenance. No organization system works perfectly forever, but with a little attention and upkeep, it can make a tremendous difference in how well your home functions. Today I'm launching a new series on my YouTube channel called My Organized Home. I'll take you through the organization systems all… Continue reading My Organized Home {New Video Series!}

Friday Favorites

High Five For Friday {Enjoying The Little Things}

Happy Friday! These posts, for me, are all about enjoying the little¬†things in life. Your life may not be perfect (mine isn't either!), but there are so many things to enjoy and appreciate every day. We just have to take the time to notice them! Here are the highlights from my week: 1. Last Saturday¬†Paul… Continue reading High Five For Friday {Enjoying The Little Things}