Hosting A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal {Part 1: October}

I’m very excited to host Thanksgiving this year! This will be the third time I’ve hosted Thanksgiving in our home and I’m looking forward to all the fun. For me, a big part of the fun in any event is the planning. I also believe that doing things ahead of time relieves stress and makes things much more enjoyable not only for you as the hostess, but also for your guests.

My Thanksgiving preparations have already begun. Today I’m going to share with you the five tasks I like to complete in October. Taking care of these things now really makes a difference and helps Thanksgiving Day to be even more enjoyable and stress-free.


  1. Make the guest list: I start with the family members that I know will be in attendance and then add any friends we plan to invite. I’m sure the guest list will grow throughout the month and will include a few folks who aren’t able to spend the holiday with their family. At any rate, I hope to have a general idea of how many people are coming by the end of the month.
  2. Take Inventory: I will look through my linens, plates and flatware and decide if I need to purchase or borrow anything.
  3. Create a Pinterest board for ideas: I created a Pinterest board for all the recipes and tablescapes I want to try.
  4. Make a rough draft menu: I’ll think through the meal, appetizers and desserts and get a general idea of what I want to serve.
  5. Begin shopping: Since I have an idea of the decor and food I’m going with this year, I can pick up items for my table as well as shelf stable ingredients when I see a good deal.

I talked about these tasks in a little more detail in the video below. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving (or any large dinner party), I think it will be helpful as you begin to plan your event! There are also some bloopers at the end, if you’re interested. 🙂

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?

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7 thoughts on “Hosting A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Meal {Part 1: October}

  1. Hosting is a lot of work, but it also provides tasty leftovers. 😉 Usually, I go to my aunt and uncle’s for Turkey Day, which doesn’t require a lot of planning. However, I try to bring a fun dessert/side item that is holiday themed. Depending on the dish/dessert, there is still some planning/logistics involved, as I want to be sure there’s enough for everyone and things travel well (it’s about a 2-hour drive).


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