Pumpkin Pie Season {Menu Monday}

Happy October, everyone! We kicked off the month with big slices of pumpkin pie topped with generous amounts of cool whip. My husband is a big fan of pumpkin pie, and since it has relatively short “season,” I decided we should start eating it as soon as possible. 🙂 (I used the Perfect Pumpkin Pie recipe with Frannie’s Lard Crust)

This week’s menu follows a pattern. To save time and money, I’m using ingredients that will carry over to more than one meal. For example, we’re having Chicken and Mushrooms tonight with leftover mashed potatoes from Sunday’s lunch. The extra mushrooms from that meal will go into my Chicken Stir Fry later on in the week. It doesn’t always work out that way but it’s nice when I’m able to cook or prep things for more than one meal!


On The Menu 


  • Granola with Yogurt and Fruit
  • Cereal
  • Eggs & Bacon


  • Leftovers
  • Pizza
  • Chicken Sausage


Need more menu planning inspiration? Follow my Weekly Menu Plans Pinterest board!

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15 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie Season {Menu Monday}

  1. Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite! YUM! I haven’t had it for breakfast since I was very little, but that might change. 😉

    It’s so lovely to make a meal and have leftovers that can be used for future purposes. I have pasta sauce from a few days ago that is soon going to be transformed into sloppy joes! Every little timesaver helps!


  2. I’m anxious to make a pie! Apple, pecan and Derby are on my mind 🙂 That Bacon Cheeseburger wrap sounds so good! I pinned the recipe to try and it always makes me so happy when I can prep items once to use them twice for dinners. Smart planning!


  3. That pie looks yummy. I am not much of a pumpkin pie fan as my mother always made sweet potato pie and they taste about the same to me. 🙂 I am making a new recipe on Wednesday…Crock Pot Potato Soup. I think we are all ready for some fall comfort food.


  4. Yay for pie-baking! 🙂 Thanks for the cheeseburger wrap recipe. My guys love burgers, and I feel like putting them in a wrap will make it easier for little hands to eat. I can’t wait to try this recipe out on them!


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