Thanksgiving Recap + Tips For A Successful Dinner or Holiday Party

Thanksgiving 2014 with tips for a successful dinner or holiday party Come Home For Comfort

Thanksgiving 2014 is in the books! This was my second time to host Thanksgiving, and I’m happy to report that the day went very smoothly with no disasters. I wasn’t stressed and had plenty of time to visit with my guests. It was a great day.

Although Thanksgiving is over, the season of entertaining has just begun. I’m sure many of you will host family and friends in your home over the next several weeks. I have a few tips and tricks that will hopefully make your next dinner or holiday party even more enjoyable and stress free.

  • Create a schedule when baking multiple items on the day of the party.
  • Decide what serving bowls you will use ahead of time. Label them for easy recognition by you or someone else helping in the kitchen.
  • Set up a buffet and allow your guests to serve themselves.
  • Create an appetizer station away from the busy area of the kitchen. People naturally congregate around the snacks, and you don’t want to be tripping over your guests while you’re making the gravy.
  • Don’t stress yourself out by trying to do it all. My store-bought pumpkin pie was enjoyed just as much as the other desserts.
  • Accept help. If someone offers to bring something, let them!
  • Keep the elements of the meal that have to be prepared at the last minute to a minimum.
  • Make your company feel special, no matter how small the number. Make things as nice as you would if you were entertaining 50 guests!

Finally, here are a few more pictures from the day. I shared some of them on Friday – click here to see those.
Thanksgiving 2014 - 6
Thanksgiving 2014 - 7
Thanksgiving 2014 - 9  
Thanksgiving 2014 - 12

Thanksgiving 2014 - 10

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