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Coastal Cottage Finds At Dollar Tree + Other DT Faves{5.2023}

Dollar Tree has some really pretty decor pieces out right now! I’m excited to share my finds with you today. First up is the decorative white ceramic ball in the photo above. I think it looks pretty high end and is the perfect thing to add a different texture to a vignette or bookshelf.

Below is the white ceramic bird that I found – I love this piece! They have it in a couple different colors (turquoise, pink, and maybe yellow?) but I settled on this pretty glazed white finish.

I’ve been looking for a new basket to store our keys by the door, and this one is perfect! They have the solid color that I purchased as well as one with white around the top.

Here you can see how I styled the basket. It’s not very large or heavy, so the books underneath keep it in place.

I’ve seen these reusable bags in a couple different stores, so there’s a good chance you will see them in yours. They come in 2 packs of this small size (wider but more shallow than a sandwich bag) or you can get one large bag for $1.25.

I love the patterns! They’re perfect to stick in a lunch box.

How nice is this 3-pack of clip on label holders? These are perfect for fabric or wire baskets. Each label holder comes with 4 blank label inserts all ready to go.

This one isn’t as exciting, but I’ve been really impressed with how well this pre-wash stain remover works. LA’s Totally Awesome isn’t one of my favorite Dollar Tree brands, but this stuff is working well at my house!

I’ll wrap up this haul with a few recent grocery finds from Dollar Tree. Pizza sauce is a pantry stable for my house, and this name brand find is such a great deal. I also don’t think you can beat their price on spices.

Is it really Southern sweet tea if it’s a mix? Maybe not, but this is such a great thing to have on hand! My family loves sweet tea but I’ve never mastered the boiled tea bag method. This is so nice to mix up before a meal when I want to serve something other than water.

Have you found anything exciting at Dollar Tree lately? I would love to hear about it!

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4 thoughts on “Coastal Cottage Finds At Dollar Tree + Other DT Faves{5.2023}

  1. Those are some great finds! We have a Dollar Store and it can be hit or miss. It is fun when you find a treasure or a good deal 🙂


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