5 Things I Did This Week To Simplify My Life

#1 I chose all of my outfits for the week on Sunday, and hung them together in the center of my closet. Necklaces and camisoles were included on the hangers. It was so nice to have the decision of what to wear already done each day!

#2 Meal Prep: I always do some kind of meal prep, and it makes such a difference in the week. This week I made homemade peanut butter granola for breakfast. It was delicious with Greek yogurt and fruit!

For snacks, I usually make homemade granola bars or breakfast cookies, but I am almost out of oats. Instead I made trail mix using things I had in my pantry: pretzels, raisins, nuts and a few chocolate chips. I portioned it out into snack bags and was set for the week!

#3 I didn’t stress about the Amazon Prime Day sales. If you shopped it, that’s great! There were lots of great deals! I didn’t buy anything and I’m okay with that. There will be other sales before Christmas. 🙂

#4 I made a list. We’re heading into a home project (more about that later) that has me a little stressed. I found myself getting a little too stressed thinking about it over breakfast, so I made a list of my questions and concerns for Paul and I to discuss that evening. It made me feel so much better just to have the items written down!

#5 I planned leftovers into this week’s menu. Serving leftovers not only saves me time in the evenings, it keeps the kitchen cool on these 95 degree days!

5 More Things I’ve Done To Simplify My Life 

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12 thoughts on “5 Things I Did This Week To Simplify My Life

  1. I ignored Amazon Prime Days too. I just don’t get the hype since I don’t need to buy things anyway. My husband has Amazon Prime and I use it for the video content, but I don’t really like the company, they way they treat employees, etc.


  2. Trail mix is my all-time favorite food! Hands down. I can’t believe that I have never made it myself! I’m going to do that! And I have to say, I fell for the FOMO of Prime Day – and I’m already regretting it (not my purchase – just that I got sucked in!! Grrrr) Good for you!


  3. Lists have always been comforting to me when I am feeling stressed. I met a blog friend at a needlework shop on our vacation this week and she brought me a Rae Dunn notepad and three Rae Dunn pens that said, Happy….Grateful….Blessed. She could not have chosen a better gift for me!! Looking forward to hearing about your home project.


  4. Smart thinking! I didn’t buy anything on Amazon Prime Days either. There was so much coverage of it that it was kind of a turn off for me. Especially with being bombarded by the Nordstrom sale and Target Days. Yuck! I know there were good deals to be had, but I hated feeling pressure to BUY BUY BUY. I used to plan my outfits out ahead of time when I worked outside of the home. It was so nice to think through outfits, accessories, shoes ahead of time to simply my mornings. Hope you have a great weekend.

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    1. I agree about it being “overshared.” I almost laughed when I turned on our Amazon Fire Stick TV and saw their QVC-style programming all about their deals. Every device in my house was telling me to buy something! Haha!


  5. I definitely find meal planning and using leftovers in said meal planning helps me save so much time (and money!).


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