3 Berry Good Summer Recipes

During the summer I try to keep the kitchen stocked with lots of fresh produce. Shopping at Aldi makes that easy because the prices are incredible, especially on in-season items like strawberries, blueberries, peaches and melon.

I love to eat fresh fruit “straight up,” with just a bowl strawberries or melon, but it’s also fun to work them into other dishes. If you’ve come back from the grocery store or local produce stand with a few more berries than you know what to do with, here are three of my favorite ways to use them up!

Don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box and even use them as a garnish, like I did in the last recipe.

#1 Summer Strawberry Salad

#2 Strawberry Peach Smoothies

#3 Fruity Tea And Lemonade!

What is your favorite way to eat strawberries? Let me know if you try one of these recipes!

Hungry for more? Check out this post from RefreshHer with EIGHT more strawberry recipes!


8 thoughts on “3 Berry Good Summer Recipes

  1. Yum! I just love all the fresh fruit available this time of year! I have been experimenting with different fruit/protein combos on my salad this summer and am loving them all.


  2. Yum!! I love the idea of strawberry lemonade. We really enjoy strawberry pies in the summer. Aldi has such great prices on cherries this week so I’ve been eating a ton of fresh cherries 🙂


    1. Strawberry pie sounds amazing! It’s probably a good thing that Paul doesn’t like fruit pies, otherwise I would make them all summer. I stick to little cobblers that I can make in small batches and keep from overindulging. 🙂


  3. Have you ever tried the store Sprouts (intersection of Woodruff Rd and Hwy 14)? Their sale prices on fruits and veggies are quite good and the quality is very good. This past weekend they had apricots and plums for 98 cents/# and green grapes for 75 cents /#.


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