Organizing Paper Products

I can’t believe I’ve never shared this part of my kitchen with you! This was one of the very first organizing projects I did in this house, back before I started blogging. It has worked so well for me all these years. Here’s how I store and organize my paper products!

We don’t eat on paper plates very often, but I do like to use decorative paper napkins for dessert, entertaining or even as seasonal decor in the kitchen. I store all of my paper plates and napkins, extra straws, disposable cutlery and plastic cups in the small cabinet over the stove. I have to use the step stool to reach this cabinet, so it makes sense to store things I don’t frequently need up there! I’m also storing a set of dishes up there that I only use in the fall.

The trick to keeping my supply of paper products organized and easy to access? Micro-organization!ย I use a smaller bin inside the large bin to hold all the napkins, which have been sorted by season and stored in large ziploc bags.

Both the green bin and the black basket came from Dollar Tree. I like that the green bin is wider at the top, maximizing space for those larger plates. The black basket corrals the napkins and keeps them from falling all over the place.

My favorite use for paper products? Taking food to people! Any time I take a meal to someone, I like to include enough plates, napkins and cutlery for them to eat two meals without having to wash dishes. Sometimes I can get packs of those Chinet napkins free with coupons at the grocery store. I like to use a mixture of fun plates from Dollar Tree and some sturdy plates that will hold up under a heavier meal.

If I take food to an event, I’ll either put it in a disposable aluminum pan from Dollar Tree or on one of my paper plates. That way I don’t run the risk of losing one of my serving dishes, and I don’t have to bring dirty dishes home with me! Wife tip: any time I send food to work with Paul, like a dessert to share with his co-workers, I always send it on a paper plate. It just makes life easier for everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have a stash of paper products? Which of these items is your favorite to collect? I’m a sucker for seasonal napkins and fun straws!


11 thoughts on “Organizing Paper Products

  1. I love the idea of including paper products when u take a meal to someone. On that note, have you done a blog post on ideas for taking someone a meal?


  2. I love all paper party products!! I find the best things at Dollar Tree, Target clearance, TJ Maxx and and try to stock up when something is super cheap or catches my eye. I have one of those 3 drawer organizers in my pantry and have a drawer for plates, one for napkins and another for straws, fun toothpicks, banners, etc. I try hard to keep it tidy and be aware of what is in there so that I can be party ready in no time. I love your idea to deliver a meal with throw away plates/supplies so the family won’t have to do dishes! Saving that idea for the next time I deliver food. Genius!


  3. You are the basket queen! ๐Ÿ™‚ If I had room in a cabinet, I’d surely try your basket trick. I’ve often stored my plates/napkins seasonally by holiday in ziploc bags within my decor boxes. When I switch out the seasonal decor, it’s easy to find them, too.

    Cute straws are also a weakness for me, but they can be SO expensive. When there’s a sale, I snap them up as fast as possible. Just need to find more sales! ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. I need to check out that Dollar Tree, as I honestly forget it’s in town! Dollar General is close to my home, so I guess I space the other one off.


  4. I love paper products of all kinds. This is such a clever way to go about organizing them.I tend to just through them above the fridge, where they get lost in the high cabinet up there, lololol.


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