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Dollar General Favorites: Better Deals Than Dollar Tree!

Now that Dollar Tree has increased their prices to $1.25, there are quite a few items that are a better deal at Dollar General. I walked around Dollar General this week and snapped pictures of things you can get at both stores, but that are only $1 at Dollar General. Here are a few of them – it’s the same brand and/or package size at both stores!

  • Sobisk Breakfast Biscuits
  • 7.5 oz jars of peanuts
  • Wyler’s/Sunkist drink mix packets (the box with 18 packs for $2 is an awesome deal)
  • Temptations cat treats (the preferred brand at my house!)
  • Cleaning products: L.A.’s awesome, Fabuloso, and more
  • Colgate toothpaste

Dollar General also has large sections where every item is a dollar, with things like cleaning supplies, travel size items, paper goods and more.

Bonus: this week I bought a package of DG brand magic erasers from this $1 section, and they rang up for $.60!

Not only is Dollar General a good place for those everyday items, their home goods aisles are packed with really nice items. The store I’m in most often is usually a disaster, but I was able to dig through and find some treasures.

I’ve used their decorative storage boxes for organizing sentimental items – see the details here.

I love these salt and pepper cellars – I featured a similar one in my Christmas gift guide but couldn’t find anything this affordable online! These would be great to stock up on and give as hostess gifts during the year.

I bought these prints and the clock for a project I’m doing at work. For reference, the big $8 print is about 24″ long.

Below you can see the chair cushions I found earlier this spring at Dollar General. They were $5 each and are machine washable – so I had to bring them home with me.

The manager at my favorite Dollar General told me that their stores do not all get the same inventory. It pays to pop into a few different locations until you find one that has the stuff you want.

I’m a long time fan of Dollar Tree, but if I could only shop at one and not the other…I’d have to pick Dollar General. What about you? Which store would you choose if you could only choose one?

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4 thoughts on “Dollar General Favorites: Better Deals Than Dollar Tree!

  1. So interesting! I laughed at your comment about your local store often being a disaster because I find that to be true at almost all Dollar Generals. The aisles are loaded down with boxes and the shelves are packed to the max. But if you’ve got time to dig, there are good finds 🙂 I have yet to find a great DG near me that I enjoy going to so you’ve inspired me to keep looking until I find my go to store.


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