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My Husband Doesn’t Appreciate Me

Last week I asked you to leave a comment and share a homemaking "win" that you'd enjoyed. I loved reading your comments! It encourages me so much to know that there are many women in all different stages and seasons of life who make their home life a priority. There was one other thing that… Continue reading My Husband Doesn’t Appreciate Me

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My 2017 Household and Homemaking Favorites

this post contains affiliate links I love homemaking - it's definitely my favorite job of all time! Accomplishing the goal of a peaceful and cozy home requires a lot of work, and while I'm glad to do the work, it's always nice to have things that make the work a little easier. There were three… Continue reading My 2017 Household and Homemaking Favorites

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Making MY Home A Place Of Comfort

People often comment that my home seems really peaceful. Whether it's a comment on an Instagram picture or a kind compliment from a guest, it really makes my day when someone says that. I've worked very hard to achieve that feeling in my home! The tagline under my blog name says, "Inspiration to make your… Continue reading Making MY Home A Place Of Comfort