How To Find Decorating Inspiration: Summer Home Decor Tour

I took down all my spring and Easter decor and reset the main living areas of our home for summer. Here’s how it turned out!

Before I started decorating, I referenced my saved photos on Instagram. I found a few pictures that I wanted to use as inspiration for my coffee table, book shelf and bar cart. Here’s the inspiration for my coffee table:

My end result isn’t a duplicate – which I love! I don’t want my house to look just like someone else’s, but I love the inspiration I find from others’ style. I pulled everything from my stash and ended up with the books, candle, bird and flower arrangement that I loved from the photo.

I enjoy decorating this bookshelf so much! Here’s the inspiration photo, from one of my favorite Instagram accounts.

I added a basket from my stash to copy the look of the box she has on the top shelf of her bookshelf.

Originally, I had several other smaller items on my shelves and decided to remove them. Part of what I love about the inspiration photo is the clean and uncluttered look.

The photo below inspired my bar cart. I love the fabric pattern mixing, the bowl of lemons, the candle, and the natural look of the basket and wood cutting board.

Again, it’s definitely not a duplicate look, but I love how it turned out. I added a bowl of lemons on my kitchen counter instead of the cart.

I love this day’s quote on my calendar: “Waiting is just a gift of time in disguise – a time to pray wrapped up in a ribbon of patience – because is the Lord ever late?”

This is a good opportunity for me to encourage you in your waiting, whatever it is you’re waiting for: a nicer house, a home of your own or a family to share your home with. God’s timing is always perfect. ❤

I like to keep the table light and uncluttered in the summer, so I went with this simple arrangement. I have a few birds in my decor stash, and they’re all sprinkled around the main living area for the summer.

Thanks for coming along on my summer decor tour! I hope I’ve inspired you to freshen up your spaces by shopping your home. This decor didn’t cost me a dime!

I’m enjoying this somewhat simple look, knowing that it will last me until I pull out the pumpkins. That’s my mantra all through the long, hot, humid summer…fall is coming! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “How To Find Decorating Inspiration: Summer Home Decor Tour

  1. Do the lemons just stay til they go bad, or do they get used and replaced?
    My summer decorating go-to is All Things Beach!! Shells, quotes, pictures, treasures found, anything with a beachy theme!!


  2. So lovely, Whitney. I love getting inspiration from Pinterest. I love the photo with the black kitty. You’ve got that style down pat, thanks to Thelma Lou! I’ve copied the quote you shared; it’s so good! “Is God ever late?” Never!! Enjoy your gift of waiting. You’re doing it well.


  3. So beautiful! Love your birds so much…I have a little collection of birds too. I especially like your little green one! How do you store seasonal decor when you’re not using it? Have a great weekend.


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