Home Decorating On A Small Budget | How and Why It’s A Good Idea!

How can you have a beautifully decorated home without a lot of money? It is possible to create a lovely home on a small budget. In this video I’ll tell you how I did just that! My method might seem unusual – and it’s certainly not minimalistic

I’ve lived my entire life on a small income – we are blessed but certainly not affluent! 🙂 For example, I’ve never purchased one piece of large furniture. Everything we have once belonged to our parents or grandparents. Our living room set is probably 25 years old. I don’t love it, so I chose pillows, rugs, lamps and other accessories that are so perky nobody notices the couch! It’s all about perspective!

Here are the three main tips I shared in the video:

  • Purchase home decor accents when you see a bargain or sale on something you love, even if you don’t have a spot for it right away. If you love it, you’ll find a way to use it!
  • Ask for home decor (or gift cards to home decor stores) for Christmas or your birthday.
  • Draw the attention away from things you can’t afford to replace (old couches, etc.) by incorporating cozy and personal accents.
When you decorate your home slowly, you appreciate each piece as it comes together. The result is a home that reflects your personal style and that tells your story – which is more valuable than a professionally decorated home!


15 thoughts on “Home Decorating On A Small Budget | How and Why It’s A Good Idea!

  1. Great post! Curating a collection is so much more meaningful than a room full of “stuff.” And making things cozy should be a priority. After all, if you can’t relax and feel at home IN your home, then where can you be yourself? I love to look at things in my home and remember the story/circumstances around them.


    1. As a side note, I had my high school senior pictures (taken years ago) done partially in-studio and partially on my aunt and uncle’s farm. My aunt knew the photographer, and she agreed to come to the farm (only a mile or two from her studio) to do my session. It’s fun to look at the photos on the wall and remember. 🙂 Some things you just can’t buy from a store.


  2. Thank you for this post, Whitney! My husband and I just bought our first house (Yay!), but thinking about decorating has been overwhelming. Like you, all our furniture is mismatched – either bought when we were first married cheaply and out of necessity or given to us by family. I don’t think our home will ever look perfect, but thanks for the reminder that that’s not the point!


    1. Congrats on your first house!! That’s so exciting! Something I learned when first decorating was to choose three main colors for the room. For example, my house is blue, turquoise and gray – for the most part. 🙂 That way it still looks cohesive even if your large furniture pieces aren’t your choice. Have fun decorating!


  3. You’re such a great story teller! I loved that example you gave of a professionally decorated home vs a cozy home that reflects your personality. I strive for the cozy home, too. I’ve been collecting things slowly over the years so that I can decorate my home with things I really love. It makes me so happy for my decor to have a fun story or a fun memory attached to it. I’m currently not loving my kitchen table or our playroom couch, but I’ve decorated with plenty of things I do love so that I focus on those instead of the pieces I hope to replace some day.


  4. Great post! I like to look at pretty homes too but sometimes there is no soul in them. We’ve never gotten hand me down pieces so we’ve always had to buy our own furniture. I have pictures of my kids and grandkids all over. I get bored looking at the same artwork so I’ve found several greeting cards with images that I love and framed them, I’ve cut up calendars and used Christmas scenes in frames. None of this is very expensive but I’ve been told my house is homey and cozy and that you can feel the love, not a bad compliment!


  5. One bit of advice…save up and purchase quality BIG pieces of furniture. I cant tell you how many inexpensive sofas I purchased when we were younger that did not last. I finally learned that you get what you pay for! Now days it is nice to fine consignment stores that often have quality merchandise at good prices. There were none of those back in my day.


    1. That’s a great tip, thanks! I’ve thought about looking on local selling apps/sites but I’m nervous about getting something that’s absorbed someone else’s smells and messes. I’m hoping to hold out for something new & good quality.


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