Master Bedroom Project [and the contentment vs. laziness struggle]

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I’m excited to start a new project for 2022 – formally decorating our master bedroom! I’ve never truly decorated our master bedroom – it’s just a mishmash of furniture and decor that I’ve collected. I keep the room tidy and organized but I don’t love how it looks.

The room is well overdue for a fresh coat of paint, so this is a great chance to update everything in the room. I will use the same color we put in the main part of the house (Sherwin Williams Ice Cube on the walls and Pure White on the trim).

To get started with the decor, I looked back on my saved Instagram posts to decide what direction I wanted to go. Then I looked at the room in the photo and asked myself what I liked about it – was it the color? the textures? the layout of the room?

This is the photo I decided to use as my inspiration. I love :

  • the mixture of turquoise, blue and white – contrast between dark and light colors
  • the neutral comforter with pops of pattern in the pillows, throws and rug
  • the white dresser with gold handles

From that, I began browsing online at Target, Amazon and Home Depot. I pinned items to my Pinterest board and came up with lots of shoppable options.

Obviously I’m not going to buy all of those things – they’re just options. I need really slim side tables for our room, so I have several ideas for those.

Here are my favorite options from the Pinterest board. My plan is to paint our existing dresser white and update the hardware.

One reason I like to collect the shoppable links is so that I can watch for sales! I’ve already purchased my duvet cover on sale at Target, and I’m watching for the rug to go on sale at Home Depot.

This also helps when I’m shopping in stores like Home Goods. I can pull up my board to remind myself what I’m looking for and make sure I stay on track.

I have made contentment a lifelong pursuit. Being content with who I am and what I have really serves me well in the fight against comparison and insecurity.

Realizing that I’m not enough but Jesus is enough and that everything I have is a gift of God’s grace – that allows me to live my life with peace and joy.

Sometimes, though, laziness can look like contentment. I have said before that perfectionism is an enemy of homemaking because it paralyzes us to the end of never doing anything in fear that it won’t be good enough.

Laziness is just as much an enemy of homemaking, and it’s one that I struggle with all the time.

Decorating is hard work (at least for me). I don’t really love shopping, I’m terrible at painting and I can’t hang things on the wall without making huge holes in the drywall. By shopping sales and purchasing things a little a time, I can afford to put this room together as I outlined above – it’s just a matter of actually doing the work.

In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty. Proverbs 14:23

In other words, stop talking about it and just do it! 🙂 Do you have a project that you’ve allowed laziness to keep you from getting done? You’re not alone! Let’s stop talking about it and just do it. 🙂

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