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Menu Monday + Aldi Favorites {3.7.22}

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At least once a month I order groceries from Aldi using Instacart. I’ve had such great experiences with their grocery pickup service and usually spend less than 5 minutes in the Aldi parking lot – they come right out, load up the groceries and I’m on my way!

In addition to the pantry staples I usually buy, here are a few things I’ve purchased and enjoyed recently.

The goat cheese is so good on salads, especially spinach salads with fruit! I like the chicken salad singles and Panera soup for the lunches I take to work. It’s nice to have an easy option every once and a while – and it’s still less expensive than eating out for lunch.

I try to always keep one of the muffin mixes in my pantry – they’re perfect for company, for adding to a meal I’m taking to a friend, or just for a weekend breakfast!

Those brioche buns are so good! We like them for sandwiches or burgers. The naan bread is great for mini pizzas, like the Chicken Club Pizza recipe below.

If your Aldi offers grocery pickup through Instacart, why not give it a try? It saves so much time and energy! (I’ve had much better success with pickup over delivery)

On The Menu



  • Chicken Salad on a bed of Spinach, Cucumbers, Goat Cheese and Craisins


I hope you have a delicious week!


4 thoughts on “Menu Monday + Aldi Favorites {3.7.22}

  1. Yum! Those naan flatbreads are so good! I love to keep them in my freezer for easy pizza crust options. We just recently had BBQ chicken pizza on them. I love their pub style pretzels, microwave popcorn, pasta, blocks of cheese and frozen veggies. I don’t go to Aldi weekly anymore, but I usually go once a month to stock up on all our favorites. Their prices are so much better than other stores on so many staple items!


  2. I have never seen the Panera bread soup at Aldi! I will have to look for that! I love knowing what other people buy at the stores are frequent. Thanks for these good suggestions!


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