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Responding To Your Assumptions About Me

Earlier this week I posted a question box on Instagram, asking for you all to share your assumptions about me. I thought it would be fun to share them here, along with my responses. Here they are – some of my answers may surprise you!

You’re an early bird!

Sort of. I do love the dark quietness of early mornings, and find that’s when I’m most productive. I get up early on days I have to leave the house, but I take advantage of our current kid free life and let myself sleep in until 7 or 8 once a week.

You don’t enjoy being makeup free.

Right! I never, ever leave the house without makeup and put it on every single day unless I’m really sick.

On a sick day in January – if all else fails, a bright lip makes me feel better!

I think you have the kindest heart ever. I can not imagine you having a bad day!

Wrong! I have bad days – usually when I let my circumstances dictate my attitude. If my hair doesn’t cooperate, if it’s hot outside, if the cars in front of me don’t go fast enough, if the copier won’t cooperate at work, if people are rude or mean to me…it doesn’t take much to get me riled up.

You’ve never had long hair.

Sort of right – I haven’t had long hair as an adult. The last time my hair was long enough for a pony tail was my junior year of college, although I had hair down to my waist in elementary school!

with my friend Rebekah when we were camp counselors around 2005!

You never get irritated!

Wrong. I get irritated every single day. In fact, I might be the most impatient person you’ve ever met.

You never slack off about writing thank you cards.

Right! I do really try to send them promptly. (This one was submitted by one of my oldest friends and I’m touched that she knows this about me!) ❤

You don’t like kids.

Wrong – with an exception. I love the children in my life and truly enjoy spending time with them. However – I don’t really like babies. I won’t ask to hold your baby and did not babysit or change diapers for my nephews when they were infants.

You are organized, disciplined, not lazy, a planner, and not addicted to social media.

Right – most of the time. That is the kind of person I want to be, so I work hard to maintain those areas of my life. It would also be really hypocritical of me to teach you how to do those things if I wasn’t doing them myself! So thanks for saying that! 🙂

My answers to these assumptions prove two things:

  • Knowing people online never gives you the full picture.
  • Anything good you see in me is a direct result of God’s grace in my life, His Word in my heart, and plenty of hairspray and lipstick!

If there’s something you see in me that you wish you had in your life – something about my personality or the way I approach things – you can certainly acquire that for yourself.

The peace and joy that I possess comes directly from the time I spend in God’s Word and in prayer. Those practices and the relationship I have with him enable me to be the person that I am. It’s all by his grace.

If God can take this super impatient, awkward introvert who likes everything to go according to her plans and do anything good through me – he can do it for you too! The difference is “Christ in me, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27)! ❤

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6 thoughts on “Responding To Your Assumptions About Me

  1. I really enjoyed this post! And, isn’t it amazing how quickly our day’s attitude can be determined by the way our hair (does or does not) cooperate!!?


  2. That was fun to read! I’m always working on being joyful always even when things don’t go my way. I find that my mood really impacts my family for good or for bad.


  3. Thank you for all you do for our church! In all the times I have seen you in the office or talked with you on the phone the first thing I see or hear is your smile! Love following your blog! Hope you have a wonderful day!😊💕


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