How To Organize Your Freezer {Home Organization For People Who Aren’t Minimalists}

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I’m here to tell you that it is possible for everyone to have an organized home, no matter how much stuff you have. I am not a minimalist. I really like my stuff, and I have a lot of it, but my home is organized. Yours can be, too!

Let’s talk about your freezer. This is an area that needs fairly regular maintenance because the contents are constantly changing. I recently did a 20 minute refresh in my freezer, so I’ll take you along in my process!


Before you begin, take a picture of the space exactly as it is – don’t clean up or move anything!

Here’s my before – things fell out every time I opened the door.

Ask yourself: What doesn’t belong here? I would suggest that would be anything that you know is expired or that wasn’t properly stored, or anything you know will never be eaten.

I had a plant based chicken fajita in the freezer that was a free sample from a grocery pickup order. I know that nobody in my house would ever eat that. I also had some baked goods that had been in the freezer too long. All of those things went in the trash.

Ask yourself: What do I need to make room for in this space? This is easy – make room for the food you know you will eventually eat!

Here’s the door side of my freezer. I keep an empty can in there for storing leftover grease – once it’s full, I throw it away mess-free.


Now that you’re ready to go, work through this space using my three step method:

  1. Get rid of clutter – using your answer to the first question
  2. Give everything a place – using your answer to the second question
  3. Leave room to grow – don’t pack it 100% full

Find more details on executing my organization method here: How To Organize Any Space In Your Home

Here’s the after – only 20 minutes later!

My favorite organizing tools for the freezer are small shelves and various Dollar Tree bins! If your freezer is wide open like mine, you’ll definitely need something to help you maximize the vertical space. The corner shelf is made for cabinets but works perfectly in the freezer!

In the photo above, I separated items into categories and stored them in different baskets: meat, bread & baked goods, potatoes & pasta. Below you can see the fruit and veggies – I like to keep all of those in the door.

It doesn’t look perfect or uniform like the photos we often see on Instagram. Personally I don’t find that practical or cost efficient. I just want to be able to see and access the food in my freezer without things falling on my head. (When you’re under 5 feet tall, that happens.)


After you’ve completed the project, take another picture to compare with your “before” shot. I bet you’ll be so impressed with the difference!

Now that you’ve created a beautifully organized space that’s easy to access, you will want to keep it that way! Organization always requires maintenance.

The best way to maintain your freezer’s organization is to use the things that are stored there. Before you make your grocery list or meal plan, check the freezer to see what you can incorporate from what you already have. Before you make muffins or cookies, check the freezer for baked goods that need to be used up.

As a bonus, this method will also save time and money! If you need help with being motivated to use what’s in the freezer, grab my printable freezer inventory sheet. With this tool, you’ll know what you have on hand without even opening the freezer!

Let’s enjoy your freshly organized freezer together! Share your before and after photos on Instagram and tag me @homeforcomfort so that I can give you a virtual high five!

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