How To Organize Any Space in Your Home: You CAN Do It!

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I truly believe it is possible for everyone to have an organized home. No matter your situation or personality, you can have an organized, uncluttered home.

Home organization works best when divided into small projects. Start with one closet  – or even just one drawer! In this post I will walk you through the four steps I take every time I approach an organization project.

1. Get rid of clutter

Sort through everything in the space. Make three piles: keep, throw away and donate. Make sure you follow through with the things that need to be tossed or donated. Relocating your clutter does nothing for you in the end.

2. Give everything a place

This step requires some logistical thinking! Find or purchase containers to house your items. Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Target and Walmart are all great places to pick up organizational bins. It’s a great idea to label those bins, so that anyone who uses that space is able to find and put away whatever they need.

3. Leave room to grow

I find that this step is easy to forget when organizing any space. Leaving room to grow helps the organization system to remain effective for a longer period of time.

Here’s why it’s important – imagine you just reorganized your closet to perfectly house all of your summer clothes. What happens when it is time to switch those things for your larger, bulkier winter clothes? Two pairs of jeans will not fit in the same space as two pairs of shorts! The size and quantity of items in our pantry and bathroom cabinets constantly changes. Organize with those things in mind.

4. Maintain the organization system

Now that you’ve created a beautifully organized space that’s easy to access, you will want to keep it that way! Organization always requires maintenance. Communicate the new system to your family. Take a few minutes as needed to straighten the space  – because we all know things aren’t always put away in the correct place. Periodically evaluate the space to see if it still meets your needs, and make changes if it doesn’t. No system works perfectly forever.

Read this post to see me implement these steps as I organized a closet in my home: Closet Organization Before and After

I hope you’re motivated to get started toward an organized home! If you’re looking to get your home in order, visit my Organization Index, pick a topic and start with one space at a time! Over there I have eight years worth of step-by-step processes, tips and tricks that will put your home in top notch organized condition.

Happy Organizing!


2 thoughts on “How To Organize Any Space in Your Home: You CAN Do It!

  1. Thanks to you and your helpful tips, my closets, frig, and laundry room are neat and organized. I still have work to do, but they all look much better.


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