How To Maximize Storage Under The Kitchen Sink

The cabinet under your kitchen sink is truly prime real estate in your kitchen! Think about how often you stand near or in front of that cabinet – you want the things in there to be easily accessible.

We’ve had a pesky leak under our sink for the past couple years, so I wasn’t able to put anything on the left side of that cabinet. It has finally been fixed! Having that space available for storage is like a new cabinet magically appearing in my kitchen! Here’s what the right hand side looked like before the sink was fixed.

I didn’t want to just shove random items in the new space – I thought about the cabinets that were too full and the items that were annoying to put away because they didn’t fit well. That helped me decide what to organize on the left side of the cabinet!

The 3-level rack was $5 at Aldi – it would also work really well as an eye-level system for plates. All the other bins came from Dollar Tree! The containers I use for taking my lunch to work are such odd sizes and shapes that they don’t fit well in drawers. These large bins are perfect!

It cost me $10 to organize this space! Not all Dollar Trees carry the same organizing inventory, so shop around the stores in your area until you find one that is fully stocked with baskets, bins and wire shelves.

I kept the same items on the right hand side, but maximized the space with a wire stand and a divided caddy.

Let’s review – how to maximize storage under the kitchen sink:

  • only use it to store things you reach for when standing at or near the sink
  • use vertical organization (wire shelves) to give you more than one level of available space
  • leave room to grow

Watch my video below for a full tour of the project!

The things you want under your sink might be different than mine. My sister has toddlers, so she keeps her handheld vacuum here for easy cleanup after meals. Whatever your needs are, get creative and make that cabinet work for you!


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