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Make Ahead Easter Sunday Menu {2019}

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I firmly believe that Easter Sunday is the biggest cause for celebration all year long! As a Christian, my hope and joy are firmly rooted in the events of Easter weekend – the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus!

After preparing my heart in the weeks leading up to Easter and worshiping at church on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday…it’s only appropriate to finish off the celebration with a delicious Easter lunch.

This week is a busy one – I’m starting a new work schedule and Paul is doing quite a bit of traveling each day for his job. I don’t think I’ll be super interested in spending all day in the kitchen on Sunday, so I’ve put together a very simple make-ahead menu that will be delicious!

Ina Garten has no problem serving store-bought entrees, especially when they’re presented in a lovely serving dish and mixed in with a few made-from-scratch items. If it works for Ina, it works for me. 🙂 I’ll set a pretty table and serve these things with pride!

Easter Menu 2019

Make 1-2 days ahead:

  • Jello Salad
  • Deviled Eggs – I’ll cook the eggs 2 days out, then devil them the day before
  • Trifle – this is always better the second day!

Pick up at the store:

  • Potato Salad
  • KFC – we’ll grab this on the way home from church

Make the day of:

  • Crescent Rolls
  • Green Beans
  • Iced Tea

Whether you’re celebrating Easter with loads of family and friends or celebrating with your spouse at home, set a pretty table and make it special!

Easter Menu 2016 / Easter Menu 2017 

13 thoughts on “Make Ahead Easter Sunday Menu {2019}

  1. One year for Father’s Day we had KFC chicken and everyone just brought a favorite side (store bought or homemade) to add. It was a huge hit! Kids and adults all loved it.
    Also, I love that you make occasions special whether you’re preparing for a crowd or you husband only. Before we had children, people would ask my husband and me when we were going to “start a family”. We knew what they meant by that, but our response was always (with a smile), “Well, we already started our family June of 1996 when we got married. The two of us ARE a family.”
    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!! 🐇🧺🐣✝️
    (Sorry for the lengthy comment!


    1. I love your response – that’s such a sweet, kind way to share the importance of marriage! Since I feel it’s important for empty nesters to enjoy their time as a couple, we should value that time on this side of parenting as well (whether or not we are planning to be parents!). We’re building a foundation for the rest of our lives. Happy Easter, Alinda!

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  2. I love all your blue dishes! They look so pretty set up for Easter. Your menu sounds delicious and I’m all about simple too! It’s my job to bring dessert and I’m using a lemon box cake mix along with a few extra things to make it special.


  3. I love this idea! We usually eat with our extended family, but this year will be “just us.” I’ll definitely be using your ideas. Thanks!


  4. I agree!! I’m the only one doing the cooking for our Easter dinner so I’m keeping things simple this year. A mix of homemade and store bought will make a up a yummy menu. I do need to give some thought to my Easter table decor so I’m ready for Sunday.


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