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5 Things on Friday – Recent Purchases I’m Loving {4.12.19}

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Happy Friday! Over the last couple weeks I’ve purchased some good stuff that I want to share with you today. We’ll start with a boring but life changing household item and end with a purchase that might surprise you!

#1 Rug Gripper – The cats love to play on my $5 kitchen rug from 5 Below, and without Rug Gripper it would constantly be in a wad on the other side of the kitchen.

It’s basically a heavy duty adhesive – I just attach a strip of it to each corner before placing the rug on the floor, and it does not budge! If you have a rug that’s always moving around on you, grab some of this!

#2 House Shoes – We don’t wear shoes in the house, but I love having a pair of supportive flip flops as my “house shoes.” I am on my second pair of Athletic Works Memory Foam sandals from Walmart and I love them! They have a sturdy heel and provide great support when I’m on my feet all day long.

Walmart’s website is…well, Walmart’s website. I can’t find the women’s to link for you but here is the girls’ version just to give you an idea of what they look like! They’re under $10!

#3 Three Wick Candles From Aldi – these candles are $4! They do not burn as evenly as Bath and Body Works Candles, but at this price I don’t mind. 🙂

#4 Old Navy Tees – I ordered a couple pieces from Old Navy that I’m loving! I always look for the words “relaxed” or “softest” in the description of their tees.

This version of their women’s relaxed graphic tee is the MOST comfortable shirt in my closet right now. When I ordered mine, it was on sale for $5! I also ordered this one from the little girls’ in XL Plus. If you’re under 5′ tall, you need to shop the girls’ section! 🙂

#5 Major Splurge – I had an Ulta gift card from Christmas that I was saving for a good sale, and the day finally came! During their 21 days of beauty spring sale, Ulta had the Tartelette Toasted eyeshadow palette 50% off! I would never spend $19 on eye shadow (definitely not $39!), but gift cards are made for fun things like this! I’m really enjoying the fun, peachy shades on the left side of the palette right now.

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Hugs to you and cheers for Friday!

6 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday – Recent Purchases I’m Loving {4.12.19}

  1. I also recently bought some T-shirts at Old Navy and love them! They are so soft and versatile. I can dress them up with a cardigan, necklace, and flats…or wear them with jeans and tennis shoes. 👍🏻😁


  2. Thanks for the fun post Whitney! How do the Aldi candles smell? I have found that sometimes less expensive candles don’t have that much scent so how do these candles compare? Thanks again for sharing.



    1. I do not have a sense of smell, so I can’t say for sure how they stack up to the expensive ones. I’ve had guests comment about how nice they smell, particularly the apple/cinnamon ones I burn in the fall.


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