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How I Fight The Enemies of Homemaking

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I love being a homemaker! Creating a peaceful, cozy place for my family to live and for guests to enjoy is something that comes almost naturally for me. But as much as I love it, I still have to fight the enemies of homemaking. 

What are the enemies of homemaking? The Daily Connoisseur recently discussed this topic and it really resonated with me! She believes the two greatest enemies of homemaking are distraction and perfectionism. She pointed out that we have to be aware of our enemies in order to conquer them, so I made an effort to notice when I’m dealing with distraction and perfectionism in my home life.

Distraction definitely comes to me in the form of Instagram. It’s a struggle to know when I need to be engaged with my posts in order for them to do well and to know when I need to just put the phone away and get things done! Sometimes I try to multitask by listening to Instagram stories or watching a YouTube video while I’m working in the kitchen, and then I end up wasting time trying to choose a video or swiping through ads or other stories.

I fight this enemy by logging out of Instagram or even just by laying my phone face down on the counter. That helps me to remember that I don’t need to pick it up and “check something real quick” every time I walk by it. I also pick one day a week, usually Saturday or Sunday, where I don’t post on Instagram. Nobody misses me and I get more done!

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Perfectionism is an enemy I didn’t realize I had – until I took a good look at the way I approach homemaking. In her video, Jennifer (The Daily Connoisseur) discusses how we allow perfectionism to keep us from caring for our homes. It seems like a perfectionist would behave differently, doesn’t it?

In my case, I struggle with decorating perfectionism. Here’s the example that made it evident to me – I was putting sheets on the bed in our master bedroom while I listened to her video on this topic. I was struck with a feeling not unlike conviction as I realized I allowed perfectionism to keep me from decorating our bedroom!

We rearranged the furniture in our room back in the spring, opening up a lot of wall space. I had lots of ideas for how I wanted to decorate the room with the new look, but it required new lamps, curtains, and a good bit of hard work to get everything hung and arranged.

It all seemed really hard and a bit intimidating. I let those things keep me from doing anything in that room – and since it’s at the back of the house, only Paul and I see it. I always strive to be content with what I have, but this was more a case of perfectionism than contentment!

As soon as I finished listening to that video, I marched into my decorating closet and pulled out the gallery wall I’d planned for our room (four years ago!). I persevered and ended up with a really nice arrangement over the bed!

I still have a few more projects to complete in there, but I’m making progress and it feels so good! If you’ve let perfectionism keep you from caring for your home, let today be the day that you declare war on this enemy of the homemaker!

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I hope you’ll visit The Daily Connoisseur’s blog or YouTube channel to hear more about her heart for homemaking. It’s an important subject for all women, at every stage of life! “The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down.” (Proverbs 14:1)


15 thoughts on “How I Fight The Enemies of Homemaking

  1. thanks for this awesome insight! as a new wife, i am on the struggle bus with the homemaking enemies!! I feel so much pressure to have the same amount of knowledge and expertise as my older mentors. I have to realize that I wont get to that point with out the learning curve!! love your blog!


    1. In some ways, homemaking gets easier as you develop routines and systems. In other ways, the enemies are always there and must be avoided no matter how long you’ve been a homemaker. You’re on the right track! ❤


  2. I’m so glad I read this Whitney. I literally just clean and organized a closet that I use as a linings closet, dirty clothes hamper, as well as doing my daughter and son’s hair every morning. I had a shoes organizer on the door and it’s been there since we moved in. Which was 2015, I needed to rearrange so it didn’t so horrible and I wanted something different. finally I said I’m gonna put this phone down and get busy and I got so much accomplished and it feels great!! Btw that was my sons bible verse this past Sunday


  3. I just finished watching Jennifer’s “part two” video last night. Good follow-up:) It is easy for me to listen to videos, etc. and see/think how, yes, that might affect others. Totally forgetting to press pause and reflect on how it might just apply to me!! Hmmm –

    Distractions are the worst!! Oh my. I do like your gallery wall though. Looks sweet!


  4. HAHAHA! Now I have another distraction. i just checked out The Daily Connoisseur and I love her channel. She posted the #3 enemy of homemaking today.


  5. Guilty on both accounts. Perfectionists are procrastinators. If we can’t do it EXACTLY the way we want we will just put it off. I was the same way with my living room as you were with your bedroom. I planned for years to do some updating. Finally, I asked my DIL for some advice and she came up with some great ideas We even changed the color of the walls to white and it made the room look so fresh and clean. I told her I had to do it on a budget and we did really good…..except for the paint. ;:-(


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