3 Easy Tips For Organizing Your Closet

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Sometimes organizing is as simple as implementing one item or solution that solves a problem. Here are three that I use in my bedroom closet right now!

#1 Hats on Hangers

I only have two baseball hats, and they were always getting lost in my closet. The other day it dawned on me that I could just loop them over a hanger and store them on the closet rod! It’s a simple solution that makes my life so much easier! Here’s what they look like on the hanger – you could probably store 3 hats per hanger if you have a lot of them.

#2 Over The Door Ironing Board & Iron Hanger

My ironing board & iron have always been stored behind the guest room door. It didn’t look pretty, and I always had to move them when we had guests so they didn’t feel like they were sleeping in the laundry room. Then I found this over the door ironing board hanger at Aldi – for $4!

It makes the room look so much neater! If you store your ironing board in a laundry room, this will also save on valuable floor space. My Aldi currently has these in stock, but of course Amazon has great options too!

#3 Jewelry Organizer for Nail Polish

I have a simple hanging jewelry organizer on a hook inside my bedroom closet door where I store the nail polish I’m not wearing. Right now it has all the dark fall colors, and in a month or so I’ll pull those out and store my bright summer colors in that spot. It keeps them organized, out of the way and extends their shelf life!

Mine came from the Target dollar spot – they usually put them out this time of year, or you can grab something similar on Amazon.

You can see what the rest of my bedroom closet looks like in this video! Having an organized space makes it so much easier to relax and enjoy the weekend.

I am taking my annual summer blogging break next week, but I’ll be back August 26th just in time to kick off the 4th quarter of the year. My favorite!

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