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How To Create A Peaceful Home

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One of my main goals as a homemaker is to create a feeling of peace within the walls of my home. Have you ever heard Dave Ramsey’s closing line on his Financial Peace radio show? He says, “The only way we can have true peace is by walking daily with the Prince of Peace.” He’s talking about Jesus, of course, and I love the truth in that statement! Even when my home is perfectly organized and tidy, the only way I can truly have peace in my home is by inviting Jesus to dwell there. Since Jesus is The Word, I do this by displaying Scripture verses throughout the house.

Here are three ways to create a peaceful home by incorporating Scripture into your decor:

1// Use large prints of Bible verses in place of art

The focal point of my living room features a large sign with 1 John 4:19, “We love Him because He first loved us.” This sign is a daily reminder to me! When I’m tempted to withhold love, forgiveness or kindness to someone, I’m instantly reminded that God’s love compels me to love others! (Hobby Lobby and Kirklands are both great places to find affordable pieces like this one – I got my sign at Kirklands for $11!)

A few weeks ago Paul invited a door to door salesman into our home on a Saturday, just as we were about to leave for Chick Fil A! I was so irritated. What if the guy tracked dirt onto my clean rug? What if he took too long and made us late for lunch? What if he was actually a murderer scoping out the layout of our house? I felt anything but peaceful as I annoyingly answered his typical salesman questions. I looked up from the kitchen counter and saw the sign over the entry table. I was immediately convicted! Here I was, declaring with my decor that we were a loving family, yet I was being anything but loving to the innocent salesman. I changed my tone and offered him a cold drink. I think he was surprised, but he accepted it gratefully. Ha!

2// Write verses in your daily planner

I’ve started writing at least one verse from my devotions in the margin of my Happy Planner each week. There are so many times a day that I reference my planner, and each time I’m reminded of the truth written there! It’s been a tremendous blessing and a source of peace to my own heart. If you don’t use a daily planner, you could write a verse on a post-it note and place it on the bathroom mirror, your computer monitor or somewhere else your eyes land often during the day. As an added benefit, you never know who else in your home might be encouraged by the same words!

3// Place books or calendars with Bible verses and quotes throughout the house

Several years ago I received a perpetual calendar from Dayspring that has been such a blessing to me! There are quotes from Christian women authors on each page, and it’s amazing how often one of those quotes will speak to my heart. I currently have it in the guest room and sometimes I just leave it open to whatever page I want to meditate on, even if it’s not the right day! These make great gifts – Dayspring has a great selection, but I really like this one with a verse for each day of the year.

For an even more affordable option, I found some really pretty hardcover books at Dollar Tree recently that are filled with the same kind of content. Some of them have inspirational quotes, some have beautiful pages with promises from God’s Word. Those would be great to leave on your night stand, coffee table…or even in the bathroom. 🙂

I started the habit of incorporating Scripture into my decor after I stayed in someone’s home and found such comfort from the verses on display and the encouraging books waiting to be read. I instantly felt that this was a home where things weren’t perfect, but where the homemaker was seeking to invite Divine peace into their every day lives. I want to convey the same feeling to my family, our guests…and even (sigh) door to door salesmen. 🙂


21 thoughts on “How To Create A Peaceful Home

  1. Encouragement is something everyone can enjoy. A little bit can go a long way, too. You never know how words will touch your guests’ hearts and be transformative!


  2. I love this post! Years ago, I, too, had scripture pictures, books, etc. on the walls of my home. We downsized, moved to a smaller house, and I gave away many of those pictures:( Thanks for posting this reminder…I’m going to start once again putting God’s Word on the walls and around my house.


  3. Beautiful idea. We have crosses and a picture of Jesus in our home, but I honestly don’t have any scripture displayed (except for one fridge magnet). I will have to try this. It would be very encouraging.


  4. Hi Whitney,
    When I got my planner, I started looking for stickers. I saw that The Happy Planner has a “faith” sticker book. You probably know about this, but I wanted to share in case you hadn’t come across them. ☺️ Thanks for the great post.


    1. No! I didn’t know about that! Thanks for the tip! After I saw your comment, I looked those up online and discovered they make a Faith themed planner too. That’s on my wish list for next year’s planner!


  5. I love this! I would love to have some scripture art hanging around our house. I should ask my husband’s input to see what verses he’d like to see displayed. Thanks for the reminder about those daily Bible verse calendars. We have a couple, but I don’t think they ever got unpacked. I love the message and love the idea of having scripture placed around your home to encourage, remind or to share with others.


  6. We have a sign on our mantel that says “saved by grace” and I made a canvas in our hall bath that says “have clean hands and a pure heart”. I have plans for a few more scriptural pieces and have at least one quote in my kids rooms for them. I think that’s such a wonderful daily reminder!


  7. It’s just so refreshing to your spirit when you see scripture peeking (or shouting!) at you around the house. I’m a bit selfish with the ones in our house – it’s for me to reminded of promises and be encouraged. But you’ve reminded me that they should and can be encouragement for anyone who enters our home. Love that!


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