A Cozy Guest Room {On A Budget}


I’ve had a lot of fun this summer imagining what I would do with $200 to blow in various rooms of my home. Today I’m bringing you the final post in this series, with the spotlight on my guest bedroom. I haven’t spent much money or time decorating this room and it shows! Here’s how the guest room looks right now:


Right now the room is fine – but I would love a guest room that makes a statement! I want this room to give the impression that everything in here was placed on purpose and not left over from another room. If I had $200 to blow in my guest bedroom, here’s what I would add to make it cozy and beautiful:


If you would like to see a complete tour of the room as well as the placement of the new items, watch my video below!

It only takes a few key pieces to pull a room together. Even though I don’t really have $200 to spend decorating this room, you bet I’ll keep my eyes open for similar items as I shop the clearance racks at TJ Maxx and Kirklands! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “A Cozy Guest Room {On A Budget}

  1. I love that big blue floral print!! That’s a great price for a piece that large. My mom just recommended looking at their wall art because they had so many pretty options right now. I love that you could add it to the room and still use so many things you currently have in the room. I think that painting and fun quilt would be great with it.


    1. I have just started browsing Kirklands since the spring, but I’ve been so impressed with their prices! If you follow them on social media, they randomly announce really good online sales as well. Thanks! I think the painting would really tie everything together, too.


  2. I wish I had that vanity growing up. In a one-bathroom home, there was always a rush to get ready and limited space to do so. Your additions of curtains and a rug will make the room cozier, as is the kitty. It seems that cats always enhance the decor. 🙂


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