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5 Things on Friday {9.16.16}



1// Last weekend was so much fun! I started the weekend by driving to my parents’ church in Tennessee for their ladies retreat. I’ll say one thing – it was an incredibly well-organized and executed conference! They even released the complete schedule several days before the event. If you’re like me, that fills you with both calm and excitement! Not only was it organized, it was a spiritual blessing. The music and the Bible teaching was an encouragement to me. There’s one phrase from the conference that I have been thinking about all week, “It’s not the circumstances in your life that make you who you are. It’s your response to those circumstances.” Hmm. Good stuff! On top of all that, I was able to catch up with so many of my sweet friends who were there. It was a great retreat!

2// My sister Alli did a really fun workshop at the retreat on how to build and love a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle. It was really helpful – I certainly need to go shopping! 🙂 If that’s a topic you’d be interested in hearing more about, I’ll see if I can get her to do a blog post or a video for you. (The picture above is from that workshop – my mom was one of her models)


3// We got a lot of good family time over the weekend! Mom, Alli and I did some shopping on Saturday night and then we met up with the guys for supper at Pie 5 Pizza. We don’t have one of those in Greenville yet and I’ve been dying to try it! It was very yummy! We also got to celebrate my mom’s birthday on Sunday – my dad planned a fabulous meal with grilled steaks, roasted asparagus, potatoes and salad, not to mention the shrimp cocktail appetizer! He’s quite the party planner. 🙂 One of our friends makes amazing cupcakes and delivered an order of her famous white chocolate raspberry cupcakes. So much good food! Afterwards we sat out on their lovely patio and played with Snapchat filters. LOL.

4// I mentioned on Instagram that my office was broken into this week. For some reason, a homeless woman broke in and decided to hang out for about four hours. She didn’t do any damage, but she went through everyone’s drawers and took all our snacks, beauty products and even someone’s prescription glasses. One of my co-workers came in early the next day and found her sleeping under someone’s desk! Can you imagine his surprise? It was an interesting day, to say the least.

5// At the top of my to-do list this weekend? Decorate for fall! I can’t wait to reset my house for my favorite season. I’ll have a complete tour with pictures and video on Wednesday.

Have you decorated for fall yet?

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18 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {9.16.16}

  1. What a fun week! So glad you got to go and spend time with your family. It sounds like weekend was full of smiles and good times. I’d love to hear Alli’s tips on building a wardrobe you love. I’m currently working on rebuilding a casual wardrobe that’s good for my current role as a stay at home mom. All of my dressy teaching clothes are packed away so I need to work on finding things that are functional, stylish and cute 🙂 Sorry to hear about your work situation. That’s so odd and I loved your Angela Office comment on the whole situation.


  2. Looks like a wonderful retreat! How we respond to circumstances impacts our lives so much. Thankfulness and a positive attitude go a long way, especially in troubling moments. I feel bad for the woman who disrupted your office, as well your staff. Hopefully, she can get the help she needs!


  3. That’s crazy your office was broken into – and how sad for her, too. That she felt like she had to break in a place to get some sleep. Sorry it happened to you :/ Our women’s retreat is coming up next month – super excited!!!


  4. Yes, I like that quote too! And the birthday dinner — sounds wonderful.

    Nope, I haven’t started decorating for fall yet, but I need to. Soon. Off to another ladies’ retreat this weekend, so I’ll hope to start decorating next Monday or Tuesday.


      1. Yes, I was at TWNE’s ladies retreat. The previous weekend I was also at TWNE for a mother/daughter/grandmother retreat. Both were absolutely wonderful!


  5. Oh my, what a surprise for your co worker. All I can say is Bless your Heart and Bless that poor homeless person too. So many who are mentally ill wander the streets these days and as an old nurse that makes me very sad. I love the quote you mentioned. It is a good one!! And that birthday dinner sounds amazing.


    1. Arlene, I think she was either suffering from a mental illness, on something…or both. Her behavior on the surveillance tapes was so odd – and she really didn’t do much damage or take anything of value. It was really sad.


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