4 on Monday {12.18.17}

Instead of a 5 on Friday post at the end of the week, this is a 4 on Monday post at the beginning of the week! I wanted to share some of the fun things we’ve enjoyed so far this month before we head into the week of Christmas. My blog is also my scrapbook, and I love having these posts to remember the special times of the season. I would love for you to leave a comment on this post and tell me something fun you’ve done so far this month!

#1 Snow in December!

I don’t ever remember us having an accumulation of snow in December here in South Carolina. There was snow on the ground for three days in a row! It was such a beautiful, unexpected gift!

#2 Christmas Tea in Tennessee

My mom asked me to speak at their church’s “Gingerbread Girls and Grace” Christmas tea. They have such nice events that are organized with such attention to detail that I was excited to just be in attendance! I shared some of the things God has taught me through this year. It was a privilege to give testimony of God’s grace and unfailing love! Of course it was wonderful to spend time with my sister and my mom (she’s leading the ladies in a carol in that picture below).

#3 Christmas in Downtown Greenville

My parents came for a quick weekend trip, and we took them downtown to enjoy all the beautiful sights! Greenville is pretty much famous for our downtown. I always love walking the streets and strolling the gorgeous hotel lobbies at Christmas!

#4 HamFam Christmas

Although my sister and her family weren’t here, it was fun to celebrate Christmas with part of the HamFam (my maiden name is Cunningham). After touring downtown on Saturday, we enjoyed spending Sunday with my parents – church, Sunday dinner and then opening Christmas presents!

That’s my December so far! It has been a month of good gifts from above – “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights.” James 1:17 How about you? What have you enjoyed this month?



14 thoughts on “4 on Monday {12.18.17}

  1. You’ve had a fun month so far! I love looking at the holiday decor up around town and in other towns this time of year. The lights are so festive! It’s been fun to do some holiday shopping with family and get the house all decked out for Christmas. We’re still getting there, but it’s almost ready! 🙂 The little moments of grabbing coffee and enjoying Christmas specials on TV have been special, too. I really liked the Country Christmas show!


  2. Girl, I was at Bass Pro in Birmingham today and I thought of you…there was a big ole Race Car pictured on the wall!:) And hey I found two cute jackets there while Marvin browsed. Love seeing your pictures and I would have loved to have heard your testimony at the tea.


  3. I cannot believe you all had snow! My kids were really hoping for it. Now today it is so warm out, but I must confess I was a little happy for the warmer weather! The event at your mom’s church looks so nice! I love when women’s events are put together with attention to detail- it is important to us ladies!

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  4. What a fun month! Love that you’ve gotten to do fun things all month. Still wish I was able to go to your gingerbread tea. I bet it was wonderful. I always love having my parents visit so I’m glad yours were able to come to you for Christmas.


  5. What fun to see how many great highlights you’ve had before Christmas has even arrived! That’s the best way to celebrate this special holiday – every single day!! That picture of me at the Tea – ha!! I could be fixing an ornament on the tree behind me, throwing snow on the ladies in front of me OR leading a song! Who knows? I’m glad we got to enjoy that downtown tour with you all!! Also, did you know that some of the trees in those Greenville hotel lobbies are REAL? =) What a fun weekend!

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