Labor Day Weekend 2019

It's very unusual for us to spend Labor Day away from home. Most of the time Paul works and I spend the day at home catching up on projects. This year we spent a lot of the weekend traveling through the mountains - which we always enjoy! We drove through a different part of East… Continue reading Labor Day Weekend 2019


Hostess Gift Idea | Food Gift | Homemade Granola

As I started planning for the holidays a month or so ago, I realized that I would need a lot of hostess gifts during November and December. From traveling to family's homes for Christmas, work parties, Christmas parties and a few other events, I need around 10 hostess gifts. I decided to do a big… Continue reading Hostess Gift Idea | Food Gift | Homemade Granola


How To Be A Polite Guest

Did you know there are only 53 days left until Christmas? That's only seven weekends! Not only that....there are 20 days left until Thanksgiving, which is basically the official beginning of the "Holiday Season." With the beginning of the holiday season comes church parties, work parties, family get-togethers, and more. I'm excited about that! We… Continue reading How To Be A Polite Guest


Thanksgiving Menu {2018}

What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for Thanksgiving food! I've been thinking about this menu for a couple months now and I'm so excited to enjoy the process of making, serving and eating these dishes. Here's my menu for this Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Menu Roast Chicken with Lemon Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole (I'll probably only make 1/4th… Continue reading Thanksgiving Menu {2018}


Warm and Cozy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Since I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I wasn't planning to come up with a Thanksgiving tablescape this month. And then I acquired some new-to-me dishes and all that changed! My sister inherited our Gramma's china but decided she was happy with the other sets of dishes she has room for (she has some really… Continue reading Warm and Cozy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Enjoying The Journey

How To Enjoy The Holidays Without Ditching Your Diet

This will be the second holiday season I've enjoyed while maintaining my weight loss efforts. Whether you're working hard to shed pounds or just to maintain a certain healthy lifestyle (or both!), the holiday season makes it pretty difficult to stay on track. From Halloween to Thanksgiving and then Christmas - with all the pumpkin,… Continue reading How To Enjoy The Holidays Without Ditching Your Diet