Organizing Your Home Office

Half way through the year, I usually go through my home and tidy my organization systems. I don’t know about you, but my home office can always use a little attention. Whether your home office is an entire room or just a spot on the kitchen counter, these tips will help you get it organized and will make it function so much better!

1// Implement a system for paying bills

To help me remember what bills need to be paid each month, I made a checklist that stays in my mini kitchen office with all my paper bills. I created a list of all the bills we pay and listed all the pertinent information I use to pay that bill. Not only will this help me remember every bill I need to pay, it holds all the login and password information I need to access the online accounts. Because that struggle is real. You can grab my printable bill payment system on Etsy!

2// Organize your digital photos

I periodically dump all my photos from my phone or camera onto my home computer. For me, once I have around 200 pictures on my phone I know it’s time for a photo dump! I set up a folder system that makes it easy to transfer pictures and to access them later when I want a certain photo. For example, I might sort this month’s photos in these folders:

  • Summer 2017: I have one folder for each season. This is for any picture of a family gathering, date night, holiday, birthday or anything else that “happens” during the season
  • Cats: Everyone has a giant folder with pictures of their cats, right? ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Niece and Nephews: Each of our siblings have a folder labeled with their kids’ names. I love having a place to store the pics that are texted to me!

3// Tame that email monster

Nothing makes me twitch like an inbox with hundreds of unopened emails. I have a post with three simple tips to help you control the email monster – check it out if your inbox makes you twitch! ๐Ÿ™‚ Tip #1 on that list is to create an email address just for “junk” mail. It doesnโ€™t cost anything and it makes life so much easier!

I have one more tip that I shared in the video below. You can watch the whole thing to hear me discuss tips 1-3 in a little more detail, but skip to the 7 minute mark if you just want to hear tip #4!

Happy Organizing!ย 


17 thoughts on “Organizing Your Home Office

  1. I just got done emptying my phone photos. Those things pile up so fast! Also been cleaning in the basement, trying to sort things before fall/winter. I have a ton of clothes to go through. My closet is so small that I have to switch clothing out by season. It feels good anytime I can toss/Goodwill something!

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  2. I use to be much better with my picture organization…need to get back on that! I just started using mint for our budgeting and bills and I’m loving that it has been notifying me when payments are due. I use to keep everything in an excel speadsheet myself and I really think I’ve been wasting a TON of time! I love my charging station…definitely has been a game changer.

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  3. Definitely just sorted some mail and went through my inbox (44 unopened messages – yikes!) after reading this post. Thanks for the inspo! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I agree about having an empty inbox. I don’t have a home office, but I’ve been organizing everything in my life lately. I’ve been working on it for several weeks now and I’m a few days away from being done. I feel so happy and energized when my surroundings are well organized.

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  5. I am so happy to hear that you like a clear inbox too. Absolutely nothing makes me happier than having mine all cleaned out. My husband hasn’t checked his in like 6 months…. I simply can not imagine.

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