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5 Pictures on Friday {Summer Capsule Wardrobe Edition}

Last month I told you that I decided to try creating a wardrobe that fits my lifestyle. I chose around 20 items that would create outfits to suit almost every part of my week: work, church, errands, days at home and nights out! It has worked really well for me – I’ve really enjoyed having a core set of items for each day’s outfit. My only regret is that I didn’t clean the mirror before taking these pictures. Ha!

Today I’m sharing five of my favorite outfits from so far this summer!

Outfit #1: Errands and lunch with my husband 

Outfit #2: Work at my office job

Outfit #3: Work, errands or a day around the housethis outfit is SO versatile!

Outfit #4: Sunday Best

Outfit #5: My favorite one of them all!

I am looking forward to cooler weather and being able to wear pants, jeans and more layers. But until then I’m still enjoying my summer pieces!


12 thoughts on “5 Pictures on Friday {Summer Capsule Wardrobe Edition}

  1. I love all of the florals and polka-dots! I think your last outfit is my favorite. I love mixing stripes and florals. I gave it a try this summer with a floral swimsuit + a striped kimono. It was a fun change from my usual solid cover up.


  2. Cute outfits! I’ve been loving florals lately, too, but it’s hard to find good ones around here. Nothing worse than looking like drapes or a bedspread!


  3. You look so cute! And I’m glad that I’m not the only one who isn’t completely dressed until I have a sweater on – something on my arms! – even when it is whoa summer outside! I just do not like the AC blowing on my bare arms!

    Love that Sunday best outfit!


    1. I have to wear a sweater at my office on the days I work – it’s FREEZING in there! I don’t mind, though. I worked in a super hot retail job a few years ago and I’d much rather freeze than sweat! 🙂


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