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It’s Still Summer! {Menu Monday}

Happy Monday! Even though the internet is almost trembling in anticipation of fall (am I right?!), it’s definitely still summer where I live! We are still enjoying cold breakfasts, light lunches and suppers that don’t require much time in the oven. I use my crock pot much more in the summer than I do in the cold months! Currently I’ve been cooking chicken breasts in the crock pot with a little bit of chicken stock and/or taco seasoning and then using the cooked chicken in whatever recipes I planned for the week. It saves time and keeps the kitchen cool!

Here’s what we ate last week – I highly recommend the watermelon salad!

On The Menu 




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12 thoughts on “It’s Still Summer! {Menu Monday}

  1. Sign me up for the Bacon Cheeseburger Wraps + the watermelon salad!! They both sound amazing!! I think it’s going to be hot for several more weeks so I’ve got to change up my dinner menu from the same things we have been having all summer long.


  2. I’ve been hanging onto summer here, too. It’s been cool at night but warm during the day, so it’s the best of both! The cherries have been on sale, along with the peaches, so it’s been a fruity week! 🙂 Your watermelon salad sounds like an interesting mix of flavors. Will have to try! I’m looking forward to soup season so much, and I found a few cool weather shirts I forgot I owned while cleaning. Hooray for fun finds in my closet!


  3. Watermelon salad sounds interesting, I’d have to adjust the choice of cheese (or leave it out) but I do have some cut watermelon sitting in the fridge right now. Our weather has been so strange lately, that it actually feels more like fall than summer. Hopefully, summer will make a brief comeback. I’m all about the simpler meals no matter what season. Hope you are in the middle of a great week!


  4. Watermelon salad?! My mind is blown. I am thinking that even though I may be ready for some of the fall things, I still want to keep the summer menu around for a bit longer. So good thing there is still plenty of summer left. Soup season will come soon enough.


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