My Favorite Breakfast Casserole

I love one-pot meals for supper and have tried to find the perfect one-pot dish to make for breakfast. My husband loves a hearty breakfast of eggs and sausage but I rarely have time to fix them (and get it cleaned up) before leaving for work in the morning. The solution? A baked dish that… Continue reading My Favorite Breakfast Casserole

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It’s Still Summer! {Menu Monday}

Happy Monday! Even though the internet is almost trembling in anticipation of fall (am I right?!), it's definitely still summer where I live! We are still enjoying cold breakfasts, light lunches and suppers that don't require much time in the oven. I use my crock pot much more in the summer than I do in… Continue reading It’s Still Summer! {Menu Monday}

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The Most Surprising Thing About Weight Loss

Last fall when I decided to flip the switch and radically change what I was eating, I had one great fear. I was terrified to give up all the delicious things I loved eating! The thought of dieting, always being hungry and never getting to eat "good food" kept me from watching what I ate,… Continue reading The Most Surprising Thing About Weight Loss

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Valentine’s Day Plans {Menu Monday}

Happy Monday! Here's our menu plan for this week, including all three meals as usual. We aren't going out for Valentine's Day - around here it's impossible to find a table at any restaurant that night. For the past several years we've enjoyed a meal at home and have celebrated on another day instead! This… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Plans {Menu Monday}