What We’re Eating {March 2017}

It’s time to round up my favorite new recipes from the month! I always love trying new recipes, but most of the time you only hear about the winners. This month I had a huge flop. In my quest for healthy snacks, I tried a muffin recipe that consisted of only oats, banana, Greek yogurt and honey. Let me just say – muffins need flour. That’s all. LOL.

There were some really delicious new recipes this month, though. Today I’m joining two of my blogging besties to share our favorite recipes from the month! Here we go!

New Recipe #1: Spaghetti Pie 

My Mom recommended this recipe as part of her Sunday Dinner series, and I couldn’t wait to try it! It makes two pies, so I served one for our meal that day and put the other in the freezer to take to a new mom. I made ours with whole wheat pasta and ground turkey, and only put a sparing amount of cheese on my serving to cut back on calories. This is a delicious recipe, no matter how you make it!

New Recipe #2: Brown Rice Burrito Bowls

I shared this recipe with you last week, but it has to appear in this post because I’ve enjoyed it so much this month!

New Recipe #3: Healthier Beef Stroganoff

Paul LOVES anything with gravy and egg noodles, and stroganoff is one of his favorites. This lightened up version is delicious – I actually prefer this to the old recipe I used to make with cream of mushroom soup and sour cream!

New Recipe #4: Simple Ham and Cheese Rolls

This is another one I made especially for Paul. When I eat things like brown rice and black beans, he needs another option. 🙂 These are true to their name – simple – yet a perfect Sunday night treat for the meat and cheese lover in your house! I don’t have any pictures of this one, but click over to the link above and you’ll see how delicious these look!

Before you go, be sure and visit the other two home cooks who have delicious recipes to share with you!

There’s over a year of new recipe deliciousness on our Pinterest board – follow us for access to all the yumminess!

What recipe did you love this month?





16 thoughts on “What We’re Eating {March 2017}

  1. Spaghetti as a pie is so interesting… it! I’ve not tried that before, but it sounds awesome. How is it to serve? Does it make a mess, or is it pretty well stuck together? I love spaghetti, so will have to consider this!

    My favorite recipe is the Pineapple Drop Biscuits I made for Easter. They were so easy (used Bisquick mix) and tasted like dessert. 🙂


  2. I’m definitely putting that spaghetti pie and stroganoff on my to-make list! Also, I’ve seen a recipe for “morning glory muffins” floating around the web recently – they still have flour in them (maybe whole wheat?) but also have carrots, pineapple, and things in them to make them a little healthier. Might be worth checking out!


  3. I’m making ricotta cheese cookies, ricotta cheese scones & baked spaghetti with ricotta cheese for dinner tonight. All new recipes here.
    (I *might* have bought ricotta a few weeks ago to make lasagna, forgot to buy mozzarella to make said lasagna & found it hiding in the fridge today with today as the expiration date. 😬😂)


  4. Give me anything spaghetti! That spaghetti pie looks so good and I love that you could easily customize it for your family. Love your burrito bowls and I haven’t made stroganoff in ages so I’ve got to give yours a try. Everything you made looks delicious! I’ve also never made a “healthy muffin” recipe that I loved. They all have such weird textures so maybe it’s a sign that muffins aren’t meant to be a health food 🙂


    1. After I made those muffins, I went to your post with the frozen yogurt bark (trying to finish up the Greek yogurt from the recipe). I read in your post that you’d also made a not so delicious healthy muffin recipe. Should have heeded your warning! Lol!


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