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The Most Surprising Thing About Weight Loss

Last fall when I decided to flip the switch and radically change what I was eating, I had one great fear. I was terrified to give up all the delicious things I loved eating! The thought of dieting, always being hungry and never getting to eat “good food” kept me from watching what I ate, and subsequently landed me in a miserable state needing to lose 20+ pounds.

I seriously mourned for the loss of my friend, good food. I dreaded the thought of going to a restaurant and having to choose a healthy option instead of #allthecarbs with a side of more carbs and cheese.

In the last 11 months, I’ve enjoyed food more than I have in years. I’ve also lost 12 pounds without doing any exercise! I feel so much better about myself. I feel in control of my food – no longer a slave to it! I still eat all the things I love: ice cream, bread, potatoes, pizza, tacos and coffee with creamer. I’ve just learned how to eat those things in moderation, how to say “no” and when to say “enough.” I finish each day with satisfaction, feeling much better than I have in years! I have learned that I don’t have to stuff myself in order to enjoy a meal or a snack. “Just enough” is enough. 

Having lost 12 pounds, I have to continue this lifestyle in order to lose the other 10 or so (and probably eventually add in some exercise SIGH). It took me almost a year to get this far. I’m ready to stick with it another year and I’m hopeful that I’ll get the same results.

One thing that really encouraged me to even begin a healthy lifestyle was seeing the success of other women my own age who took similar steps to control what they ate. Here are two recent posts from friends of mine with practical tips for healthy eating. I hope it encourages you as it did me!

Don’t allow fear to keep you from taking control of your eating habits!



29 thoughts on “The Most Surprising Thing About Weight Loss

  1. This is what I do because I don’t prefer regimented exercise usually. I do a few minutes here and there of low impact aerobics, Pilate’s, or stretching, which I try to do enough to add up to 20 minutes a day. Some examples are: since I am a housewife, do lots of laundry, and my laundry room is downstairs, I will add some exercise in by going up and down the stairs a few extra times after putting the laundry away. Or, I will march in place and move my arms or do plies while waiting for the microwave to go off (a couple minutes a few times a day is already six minutes). Also, doing a couple minutes of stretching in the morning helps get the blood going and getting unstiff for the day. Just an idea for people who hate devoting a huge chunk of time and changing into special clothes to exercise.


  2. Great job!! Your food looks so yummy and colorful. It’s exciting to see all of your hard work pay off and to be enjoying the process is a definite bonus. You are inspiring!1 Good luck achieving your next set of goals for yourself 🙂


  3. Way to go! And here’s to another successful year for you ahead! 🙂 Being healthy is definitely a journey, and I also struggle with food. As the years go by, I think my metabolism is slowing (arrrgh!). Years ago I could eat more of certain things, and now I have to limit them to special occasions and/or cheat days. Moderation is so important, as is getting back on track after indulgence (the 4th of July was sooooo bad due to all of the treats enjoyed with visiting family!).


      1. That’s usually my policy, too. Things were fine on the 4th when we were visiting out of state. But since we hosted other relatives on the 3rd, my aunt brought a Coconut Cream Pie as a hostess gift!!!! 😉 Going to have to do things a bit differently next year so we’re not eating pie for a solid week! Hahaha!


  4. You are doing so well! I think a big thing for me is just a change in relationship with food. I honestly used to be ashamed of my eating because I couldn’t stop, but getting on the WW train just made it click for me. I’m glad you’ve been able to change that relationship with food, too! And, thank you for sharing my post!


    1. Thank you, friend! I agree – a change in my relationship with food has been key. I cannot stand to let anything go to waste, so I always ate everything I was given at a restaurant. I don’t do that anymore!


  5. You look great! Proud of you! I lost about 10 pounds 3 years ago. I used the Weight Watchers point system which I loved because you can still eat whatever you want, but once you use your points for the day, that’s it. It made me very selective about what I ate considering the points I was using.


  6. I love that you haven’t been working out.. mostly because I’ve lost my weight all thanks to food choices, nothing to do with hitting the gym for hours on end. I’ve been walking a lot this Summer but it’s not something I would call a “work-out”.

    I love that you are sharing your journey. I hope that it inspires others to put a bit more pride in their bodies and do what’s best for their health. 12 pounds is something to be proud of for sure!


    1. I hate being outside, I hate sweating, I hate workout clothes, and I’m not a fan of being around people who are “into” fitness. So I didn’t have a choice but to lose my weight by taking control of my food. LOL!


  7. Great outlook! (And great progress so far!) I swear the word “diet” is such a tragic word. Humans weren’t meant to diet; they were meant to eat healthy and keep active. Stopping ourselves from gorging and making obscene food choices that restaurants and irresponsible food manufacturers make for us isn’t dieting, it’s common sense – just what you say. At least that’s my view!!
    I’d love to read a follow-up post to this which outlines some specific steps you’ve taken, for example sensible food substitutes.


  8. Great job, Whitney! I am losing weight myself and feel so much better. I exercise but you inspire me to eat “just enough” instead of as much as I tell myself I need! Keep up the good work! You’re looking great! 🙂

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  9. It always amazes me how weight loss is so obviously reflected in a persons face. Amazing job girl. I always find being good in the kitchen to be MUCH harder than getting my bottom to the gym!


  10. Whitney, I just think that this is such a wonderful and refreshing approach to eating. I’ve always been a big believer in not cutting out the things we love because, goodness, what kind of life would that be? But you are right – moderation without becoming a slave to eating. So smart. You’ve approach seems VERY maintainable. I’m so excited for you, and also just so impressed!

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  11. Since Marvin’s back problems, I have learned that we do better eating three meals a day with correct portions and low calorie snacks. I also walk a lot. But the amazing thing is, in that time Marvin lost 15 pounds and i lost five. We are now committed to eating what we want but in moderation and keeping our exercise on track. For myself I have found that I need to listen to my body and STOP eating when I am full. I know I could not do one of those crazy restrictive diets for the rest of my life and you are right. Healthy eating should be a lifestyle and not a diet.


    1. Congrats on your weight loss! 5 pounds is awesome! It’s crazy how people lose weight at different speeds. I have a friend who isn’t watching her calories nearly like I do, and she lost 7 pounds in about 12 weeks!


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